Tips on reporting ebay fakes

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  1. Hi Gal Pals. I know you all are so frustrated with all the fakes being sold on ebay. But here is a sure fire way to ensure deletions.

    1. Dont report multiple items all within the same few hours. ( ebay monitors whom and what you are reporting)
    2. Dont report the same item more than once. (seems like harassment and take longer to exit the que.)
    3. Dont accuse the seller of selling fakes before you reoprt. Simply just report the item. Dont give the frauds any ammo, most of em will message Ebay claiming harassment and this will delay the process.
    4. Express your concerns about the fakes in the form of a question. (Example: Ask the fraud questions pertaining to why its fake. Hi the date code doesnt seem to match the bag.)
    Believe it or not Ebay researches your contact with the seller.
    5. Last but not least always be unassuming. The idea is to set the presentiment that you are actually interested in buying the item. You dont want to come off as someone whom is just searching for fakes.....


  2. Good tips, thanks!
  3. Thank you for the info. Very helpful. I did report the same items more than once out of frustration.
  4. ^^^but is there any proof about these "tips"?
  5. Repetition is the father of learning. My moto: lead by example. Nothing beats a failure but a try. So have it.
  6. However strength:biguns: is in numbers. The more reports by different members the better our chances. :thinking:Hmmmm maybe we need to develop a team for reporting these counterfeiters. We would be sure to get em" then. Any suggestions anyone :search:
  7. I have been reporting the same group of fake coach wallet sellers for the past few weeks and they are never removed. I have even had the experts in "Authenticate this Coach, back up my suspicions, and they TOO reported them, yet nothing was done by EBay.
    The counterfeit sellers all originate in southern California and start their prices @ 89.99, usually with Private feedback.

    I finally contacted Coach VERO and this is the email they sent back:

    "Thank you for taking the time to write to us. You can report the auctions to us, and we can report it to Ebay, as we participate in the VERO program. I am sorry for any inconvenience you might have had, and hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day!

    Kind Regards,
    COACH Inc."

    So really, what's the point to reporting to EBay if nothing is accomplished? I say go right to the horse's mouth. I will put a spreadsheet together with all the ID's and listings, and forward it to Coach Vero and NOT Ebay. Hopefully, Coach VERO's response isn't just lip service, and I will report back if this method provides positive results.:tup:
  8. Push the report button on the auction page if you are sure the item is fake (if not sure,have it authenticated here in the appropriate sub forum) and then report to ebay. It does work.
  9. Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't. ebay seems to remove the fakes in cycles. For awhile they were pretty good about it, but lately...not so much.
  10. Agree with you completely. Just think it is better to report the fakes than not report them!;)
  11. great tips thank you so much . :tup:

  12. No, let's not form a "team". Not sure what you're getting at here but the system works just fine the way it is. Just use the report button when you see a bag that is obviously fake.
  13. Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't. ebay seems to remove the fakes in cycles. For awhile they were pretty good about it, but lately...not so much.
  14. ^ Just trying to make sure that there are no witch hunts formed here .. It's not our style.
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    :lolots:lol witch hunt???? plenty of members here gang up and report these crooks. i know that to be a fact. no harm intended.:smile: