Tips on making yourself look older?

  1. I am 24 year old. I always get hit on my hs/college students/dirty old men that think I am 18. I am kind of sick of it. I wish people more my age to at the most 30 would approach me more. I hate looking young. Do you guys have any tips on making yourselves appear more mature/older? I wear a lot of Banana Republic/Coach. Sometimes I rock my Louis on special ocassions. hmm I am kind of at a loss.
  2. I'm the same age and I usually get mistaken for being younger as well. I just try to dress as classy as possible and try to do my makeup and hair like a bit more conservative, i guess. At the same time, I'm trying to enjoy my youthful look as i'm sure it won't last forever :sad:
  3. Haha this always happen to me. I'm 21 and everyone thinks I'm like 12-15. (I like it though) I'm only 5'0ft, usually wear flats, and skinny; so that could be why people think I'm really young. What I would suggest is wear heels if you are short like me and try to wear more grown up looking outfits.
  4. I am 5'8" I am pretty tall. I just have youthful look about me. I already dress conservative. Maybe I can work on my makeup and hair. :/
  5. I have the same problem: I'm 26 but get carded for R-rated movies. Lipstick helps, although I don't like wearing it at all. Clothing from Ann Taylor look very professional and come in petite sizes. When I teach, I always wear heels to put more distance between me and my students, who are in college and live in flip flops.
  6. LOL, please tell me tips on how to "make yourself look older" because then I'll know WHAT TO AVOID!!
    (I am not making light of your situation at all! I just wish it were my situation, because any high school boys talking to me are asking if my son is home!!!)
  7. ^^^I agree, I will need to avoid the things posted. I am 28, and went out to dinner with my 25 friend last week. We ordered drinks and she was carded, and I was not. I was like "HELLO? Want my id too please?" It was a sad day.
  8. I get mistaken for being younger all the time, it's funny they think they can get away with things but boy are they wrong. It's not like I'm trying to fool them on purpose, I can't help the way I look.

  9. Same here....the older guys that think I am like 18 and stupid try to pull so much weird stuff because they think I will fall for it. It is so terrible!

    I wish more young professionals my age appraoched me.
  10. My advice, enjoy being mistaken for someone younger. When it happens to me (I'm 34, short, and carded most of the time) I am more than willing to produce ID. There was a time when it bothered me, but I've learned there is not much you can do to change other's perception of you.....
  11. lol i no what you mean about the dirty old men. when i used to walk from my bus stop from school i would always have guys who are driving past stare at me... soo creepy. although i would try to enjoy your youthful look as much as you can. looking young is, im sure, a blessing once you get a bit older.
  12. I guess I will just working on building a career and gaining a bit more confidence. :shrugs:

  13. Me too!!! Nice professional men never approach me. It's always the totally wasted young college guys, or the old pervs. No thanks!

    I'm almost 27, and no one ever believes I'm older than 23. If I'm not dressed up at all I could pass for 14. It's frustrating. Especially being a teacher. Parents don't take me seriously. :sad:
  14. same here
  15. try switching up your makeup /hair style

    go to the mall to one of those makeup booths like mac (if you buy 3 items they give you a makeover)

    so try out some new looks .. maybe darker eyes