Tips on keeping germs away???

  1. I am on vacation next week and the girl across from me @ work is hacking away with a terrible cold - she's a temp so she didn't want to call out...:cry: I'm so upset as I can't afford to get sick right now!!! I have been using Purell and staying away from her, but her coughing is causing the germs to be airborne right? Help :amazed: :censor: :yucky:
  2. Wash your hands - a lot!!! And don't touch anything she touches.
  3. Wash your hands. I'm pretty sure that stuff like Purell isn't effective against cold viruses, so make sure you wash your hands with warm water and soap, and scrub between fingers and the back of your hand as well. If you use shared office dishes/utensils, make sure you wash them well before using them but DON'T use a sponge which harbors germs. Wipe down keyboards and phone receivers frequently. And take Airborne or Emergen-C and keep taking it for the first few days of your vacation because symptoms usually show up several days after you're actually infected.
  4. Thanks girls!!! I am going to get some Lysol @ lunch and make sure I hose my area down w/it. Airborne might be my lifesaver! I'm going to take it right away.

  5. Like chinchillamoose said.. AIRBORNE and Emergen - C are the bomb!!
  6. Also, at the first sign of getting a cold, remember to take ColdFX !
  7. A lot of the transmission of germs is from hand-to-mouth. It's important to keep your hands clean and be aware if you're placing them anywhere near the mouth or nose.

    Remember some viruses are airborn too.

    Extra vitamin C couldn't hurt. Eat well, get plenty of rest and excercise. Maintaining good health helps to ward off getting sick. HTH
  8. I agree, wash your hands a lot and all the time...
  9. Most cold viruses are also airborn so just washing your hands isn't going to cut it.

    Take vitamin C, Zinc and Ginseng (or ColdFX) as a preventative!!
  10. wash your hands often and dont touch your mouth and nose.

    cover your mouth and nose when she sneezes or coughs.

    take vitamin c.
  11. put a plastic bag over her head - containment is key peeps!
  12. OMG Cal LOL!!! :lol:

    Believe me I wanted to yesterday!!! Thankfully she's on the other side of the office today. Yay! :amuse: