Tips on introducing my DH to Hermes???

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  1. Hello TPF'ers. I'm a newbie and haven't really posted new threads before. Like many other members on this forum, I'm obsessed with Hermes =). Over the years I have built my collection of scarves, twillies, RTW pieces, & of course my beloved Birkins. Well let me cut to the chase. My DH has always supported by love for beautiful things and been supportive of my H shopping addiction. He's never shown an interest in H except for the ties. DH has maybe 10-12 H ties and rest are very conservative Brioni heavy silk ties. Whereas I can take up to 2 hours to pick and choose my outfit / accessories for special events, my husband's closet consist of 10 navy blue suits and white dress shirts. that's it - 7 days a week. He'll wear the same suit that he just showed up in a board meeting that he will for a children's party. The only variation is with his ties where he adds a splash of color and sometimes a pocket square. The range of comments that I've heard from others range from extremely boring to understated tasteful. He always says that he's practical and doesn't want to waste a second thinking about what to wear,. Anyway, I love my DH very much and I don't want to it seem like I'm superficial and giving him a make over. That's not it at all. Just want him to start exploring and playing with H or other designers. I was thinking about buying some small pieces (maybe shoes) and slowly introducing other RTW items. What do you ladies think? We live in NYC and I can't wait for the men's only H store in open. Sometime in February I think.
  2. Get him belts.
  3. Over the years of loving/buying H myself, my DH has only succumbed to ties, a belt and a wallet for himself (mostly bought by me as presents). I will be buying him one of their shirts soon though, as they are beautifully made and wear really well (a friend's DH frequently buys them). Last S/S they had some lovely designs, but he couldn't be persuaded :shrugs:

    I think a good starting point would be a shirt (not a dress shirt) and one of their beautiful jumpers, (sometimes the gents knitwear is nicer than the ladies !) then he could wear them with a good pair of jeans, or trousers. Their jackets are lovely too, casual but beautifully cut, although some are more classic if he doesn't feel comfortable going too casual.

    I remember last season (A/W 2009) there was a woven tie, that could be worn as a tie or as a scarf - very Hermes - if he doesn't want to part with his tie yet!

    Maybe the answer is one piece at a time, then he will slowly start to slip down the slippery slope, which we all seem to have done!
    Happy shopping!
  4. I agree, ties were first, hummm, he liked! Then came belts, he liked too! Trying to
    convince him of money clip and cufflinks next!
  5. pamella^^^^^^^ I failed on the money clip, but think I'm winning on the cufflinks!:amuse:

    Oh I just remembered, he has a H watch too (another present), which he absolutely loves and frequently gets complimented on.
  6. I love the watch idea! Thanks Esmeh! He has a passion for Swiss wrist watches. Have not seen many men's watches in the Madison Avenue Story although I've never looked seeked them out and paid attention to the jewelry section.

    Thanks ladies for the ideas. Sounds like most of the H items were gifts (at least initially). Makes sense. My husband likes is definitely not a window shopper or browser.
  7. Oh you must it's an Aladdins Cave. At first glance it looks as if there is a small selection on display, but when you make enquiries, they have a Master Watch Book/Catalogue and within reason you can have the choice of watch face and size, with your choice of strap; which could be a metal or leather strap, usually in a good choice of skins/colours. The options are amazing, it's like a 'made to measure' watch!
  8. slow and steady wins the race... start with a simple tie, then maybe a tie and a handkerchief...

    and for an anniversary or some big day i think any man would love a made just for him taliored H suit and pants!!!
  9. belts, then a briefcase! my dh loves his.....and i love that he loves it!
  10. I won him over s-l-o-w-l-y. Started with silk ties. And then a H cashmere pullover which is now his favourite (so light, so thin, yet win too marks for keeping warm), and recently with a H belt.

    PS: He will never buy H for himself though. His silent approval however is from not rejecting what I buy for him! :graucho:
  11. My dh loves cufflinks and he tailors his shirts. So i start him with cufflinks and two of them are his favourites. I start him slow on the belt. Now he has his own belt kit but only wear the black side. There was this time when he tried wearin the gold side, despite reassuring how good it look with the shirt, he turn back to the black side. So more cufflinks for him.
  12. i agree that belt kit is a good next step.

    but not too burst your H RTW bubble, there are a lot of VERY good menswear designer, such as Armani, Brioni, Boss, Zegna and so on and so forth. the cut for each designer is slightly different and it may be best to figure out which cut fits your husband the best (Italian vs. German vs. UK vs. France) rather than just wanting him to wear H just because it is H.

    if you are looking for casual RTW, i would STRONGLY recommend the classic polo/sweater from H (some even come with small H details). even the wool ones are so light that you can wear them next to your skin. it will be perfect for 3 seasons in NYC! and the styling is so classics that i cannot see why your DH will not want to wear them (but just go easy on the colors first!)

    good luck! :biggrin:
  13. personally i think if you are spending that kind of money, one should go custom tailored, whether H or not... no reason to go off the rack that those prices.. but thats just IMHO for what that is worth...
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    Wallet ! :biggrin:
    IMO, wallet is one of few status symbols that men usually care about.
  15. Thanks for all the great ideas ladies. For almost 10 years I've been shopping strictly for myself at H. will be twice as fun if I can get DH to join in. My husband hates shopping and has all of his suits and shirts tailor made once a year. I think I will start with a wallet and shoes. Belt probaby won't work as he isn't fond of my H belts because of the H logo. He tends to be very subtle except for his watches. I'm a little nervous about buying a watch as I know nothing about watches at all. In fact all of my watches were from him. I'm not sure he's ready for men's RTW collection and break away from his 7 day a week navy blue suit uniform. Will keep chipping away. Thanks ladies.