Tips on how to type faster?

  1. My mom is moving out to Oregon (from Chicago) this Tuesday. I have an interview set up for her on that Friday. Unfortunately the minimun requirement for typing is 25 WPM. However she is only typing 18 WPM. Does any one have any tips on how to type faster? She already bought Mavis Beacon (sp?) and another typing program. I know practice makes perfect as well. So as soon as she comes out here I am setting her in front of the computer. TIA! :flowers:
  2. Those typing programs really do help. So does email and instant messaging. Also, make up a sentence, and type it over and over again for a few times. Continue doing that with a new sentence. It helped for me.:flowers:
  3. thanks purplekiyy22 I was thinking of doing that for her as well. Making her type up the same paragraph over and over.
  4. Ugh. When I was in 6th grade, I had to take a typing class and be able to type the alphabet in 10 seconds or less without looking and without making any mistakes. My teacher had always had us start out with our fingers on the keys: a,s,d,f,j,k,l,; and type out lots of random sentences that way. We had that class for about 3 months I think.
    I think that program will help and definitely do the same paragraph thing..that always helps.
  5. ^^ Exactly what lvbabydoll said.. that's how I learnt in 8th grade. Those are the base positions that you reach out from and get the other letters the quickest.
  6. ahhh good luck to your mum, like others have said, practice really does make perfect, and if they are only asking for 25 wpm, it seems it might not be the most important part of the job, so if she does just under but does fine in her interview I am sure she will be ok. In the UK, when we were at school we went into our lesson and they covered ALL of the keys up, so we had not choice but to touch type as there was no point in looking down at the keyboard, but that is not going to help in just a few days, so tell her to keep typing, as confidence in what you are doing is great and is going to help alot.
  7. Mavis Beacon is excellent to learn, improve typing skills. I recommend it to my clients all the time. The other recommendation is to set up any book or magazine with ample sections of text by the computer and type away from that.That will give her experience typing long paragraphs for extended periods. Ditto on the practice part. That's the only way to get faster and accurate.
  8. Tell her to type this over and over again: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. It's one of those sentences we typed in typing class that helps you. Also: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. All letters of the alphabet are included in this sentence.

    Good finger placement is important, too. If you move your hands around the keyboard, you are more likely to make mistakes. Speed is important, but so is accuracy.

    Tell your mom good luck. :smile:
  9. I learned the same way as LVBabyDoll! Also my typing teacher in grammar school would put a book/magazine in front of us and we had to type the words from the book or magazine in like 60 seconds.

    The best is really just practice practice practice.
  10. I started learning with Mavis Beacon!!! That was more than 10 years ago. It helped ut not much... I got really frustrated at times.

    In high school, I took a couple of Keyboarding courses... that helped me out a lot. But more important, practice definitely makes perfect.
  11. I haven't tried Mavis Bacon but I hear nothing but great stuff about her courses.

    Yes, the key is drills, sentences and random combos of letters then letters and numbers to get used to reaching up higher. I took piano lessons for 10 years and it FINALLY paid off when it came to learning typing :lol: .

    Good luck to your mum!
  12. It really wasn't until I started to use IM in 1997 that I learned how to type. It took awhile, too- I graduated from looking at the keys to learning to look at the screen to not even having to think about what I was typing. It took a couple of months, which I know your mom doesn't have, and a year of keyboarding classes in high school. But 18 words isn't bad at all!

    One place to try is . It has all kinds of games and tutorials that might help.
  13. You guys are fantastic! Thank you so much for the suggestions! I am so excited to get her out here! :yahoo:
  14. Hi Lisa!

    I am a TYPING MANIAC! lol!

    What really helps is typing out lyrics of songs you've memorized... good luck to your mom!
  15. Mavis Beacon! She is the Queen Bee of typing!