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Tips on how to stay sane while waiting/saving for a bag?

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Jan 21, 2013
Hi Fellow Hermès devotees 😊

How do you all stay sane while saving up or waiting for your special bags ?
I am waiting, waiting, waiting and saving every penny, so I can get my Evelyne before Christmas. It's even available right now to purchase BUT I still need to save. Sigh, sigh, sigh. I know of course , total First World Problem but I just can't stop thinking about it ( read obsess ). I wish I wasn't so financially limited at the moment. ( sahm to 2 little ones ).
How do those less affluent amongst Hermes lovers deal with the endless waiting/saving ?
Tell me I am not the only one crazy enough to even contemplate buying Hermes on a shoestring budget ?
Why oh why didn't I stock up on H 10 years ago when I had plenty of resources and nothing to spend it on .........
Thanks for listening, I promise I won't whinge anymore 😘❤️
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