Tips on how to score a designer bag onsale at Saks??

  1. Okay ladies, I've been studying the patterns of this store after many trips to check out their sale merchandise- and I don't get it!

    A few days after the First cut started I made my way over and checked out the sale section. had lots of chloe's, one yucky gold Gucci, Isabella Fiore and one or two Kooba, one Marc Jacobs that was damaged, etc. Nothing of what I really wanted.

    So......I they were crazy busy..I go up to the counter and ask if they have any Gucci's - monogram canvas GG - they said No, sorry, those go fast.
    Fine....i wait and look around more.

    Five minutes later she says "Oh I forgot there is something that was on hold for someone and they never came back". She brings me a HUGE Gucci monogram hobo - which has gold studs all around the seams - a bit of an eyesore - so although she presented me with this awesome designer bag - I didn't love it and gave it back to her.

    THEN - Ten minutes of more looking (and cursing) I think I may buy this Marc Jacobs sophia -when she presented yet ANOTHER monogram Gucci GG bag - the shopper tote - it is zippered, it is the right color, the right size, the right bag in EVERY WAY.....

    AND IT APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE??!!!!?? How does this kind of bag suddenly "appear"??? Why don't they just tell you they have it from the get-go? Why do I have to beg to see a bag like this? What game are these SA's playing? None of these bags are ever put out w/ the other sale bags.
    They hide them and I want to know how to access them w/o a hassle....

  2. maybe just lazy sa.
  3. That's happened with some shoes I was looking for. I just happen to ask if they had them and the sa goes in the back to get them. They were on sale and I couldn't believe my luck. But I also wonder how that works. I think they save things for their regulars and if they don't want it, someone else can have it.
  4. good ?
  5. I think your best bet at getting a good deal is being friendly with an SA and presaling the bag before the actual sale starts.. as for you story above, now that's strange!
  6. I agree!

  7. I agree also, AND perhaps they don't want these bags just thrown on the sale table?? Although, sadly I have seen it at some stores!
  8. I think not every SA spends hours wandering around in back. ie they aren't as bag opposed as we are
  9. Maybe another SA had the perfect bag on hold for another customer and the customer never picked it up ... perhaps the SA who waited on you went through another SA's stash? You never know how organized or disorganized back rooms are in these stores. I'd give her the benefit of the doubt, especially since the store was so busy. The back room was probably a wreck!
  10. all I can say is that I wish it happened to me...NOw i'm wanting a Gucci shopper! lol
  11. My friend's SA is the top SA in the whole company. So she has the priority to pick any yummy bags that are going on the sale shelf, and she hold them for her perferred customers. I was told that those really hot bags may have already sold out before the sale (Is that why they call it pre-sale?). I think you really have to be someone who have bought a lot from that SA to be added to her preferred customer list:sweatdrop:

    Anyway, if any PFers are lucky to be one of the preferred, and if you can inform us about the pre-sale your SA "secretly" tells you, we might be able to push our SA to give us some good deals:yahoo:
  12. We should all bond together. If we find a hot bag, have it held and then post. I found my Prada that way.....because of a kind PFer I will get my dream bag at a discount. I'm at Somerset Mall in Michigan on a weekly basis. If there is something good on sale or if I spot something I know people are searching for I'll put it on hold and post.
  13. That is so nice~ :flowers:
  14. yea--hemlock RAWKS!
  15. Joyfishyu is right. That is how it works. I got to Saks at 8:00 on Dec. 26th and there was about 15 bags sitting behind the register that I was told were already sold. You have to find a good SA who is willing to do that.