Tips on how to lighten jeans?

  1. I have a pair of Paper Denim jeans that I like a lot, but the wash is a little too dark, and they feel a little too stiff. I'd like to lighten and soften them, and maybe add a little distressing in a couple of places, but I'm not sure how to do it. Any of you have some good tips? Bleach? Sandpaper? I've also heard of Rit Fast Fade - has anyone tried that? Thanks!
  2. I would wash them a couple of times and use a good amount of fabric softener. I've never tried any of the other methods you mentioned...
  3. A little bit of bleach sounds like a good idea to lighten them, although I'm not quite sure how you would do that.
  4. Well me and my friend distressed a denim skirt, and to make it lighter, we used sandpaper and a pumice stone (like the thing for scrubbing off dead skin cells) and it worked pretty well- but if I were you, I would try it on another pair of jeans or a small section that is not noticeable so that they are not ruined..
  5. you can put bleach water in a spray bottle to control it better and spray it where you want. . . you have to leave it on for at least a few minutes for it to work, just not a few hours.
    I used to have a link bookmarked on how to destroy jeans yourself. . let me look for it.
  6. Great suggestions, thanks! And thanks for the links, Swanky!
  7. Scouring pads work wonders!!
  8. a capful in the washer will lighten them, don't put directly on the jeans but in the water during the wash cycle.
  9. I also used a little bit of bleach (Javel in France) just during the washing cycle of my machine. It worked !
  10. I use sandpaper on a small section to check it won't click the denim, and a nail file for the hard to reach areas or detailed distressing around pockets. Be wary that sandpaper does thin the denim so don't do it too much around the butt of the jeans (I learnt this the hard way when a pair of mine ripped when I sat down, they weren't even that tight!).

    I would never use bleach on my clothes since I'd be too scared it would ruin them or turn them orange. I'm sure there will be products which are specifically designed to lighten jeans.
  11. Honestly, I do not know how to lighten them up, because I've been trying to figure it out as well, but I can tell you for sure that you should not be using bleach because it breaks down the fibers and the jeans will tear and "die" fast.
  12. Let it dry under the sun after washing.
  13. Bleach can destroy the denim - I've ruined loads of jeans.

    My way of fading denim is to wear them for absolutely as long as you can before washing them, then I find when they're washed they come out several shades lighter..

    Hope this helps