Tips on how to get out ink on the inside of the bag

  1. I have Leather Carly that has a tiny ink spot on the inside of the bag on the satiny lining. What is the bes way to get that out without damaging or staining the inside lining? I am really bothered by the mark, so I really want to clean off. What do you recommend?

  2. Try spraying it with hairspray and then lightly blotting it with a wet towel.
  3. Thanks for the tip! :smile:
  4. or just try spraying cheap hairspray on a q tip and rubbing first
    in case it ruins the bag
  5. i second hairspray but don't spray directly onto the stain, either spray on q tip or a cloth and gently wipe the stained linning.
  6. I've used a shout wipe before and it worked for me, but I have heard others mentions problems with shout wipes
  7. So hairspray really works? Do you wash it off with water afterwards? :smile:
  8. no i don't use anything after, just incase it might cause another stain.
  9. Definitely hairspray! Its the foolproof way to get pen out from anything!
  10. on leather or just the lining?? :confused1:
  11. on anything