Tips on how to do this hair style ??

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  1. I have quite fine hair.

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  2. It's quite difficult to see the hairstyle from the quality of the pics! but from what i can see, there's a quiff at the front. since your hair is fine, you'll need a lot of hairspray. what i normally do is:

    1. take the very front of your hair and leave this bit smooth
    2. take a section of hair about 3inches wide(from eye to eye)and 2cm(from forehead to back of the head)from behind this and back comb the hell out of it
    3. do this for about 4/5 sections at the front of your hair and make sure you hairspray!!!!!!

    Your hair should now be standing right upwards!

    4. take the hair and take a few kirby grips and clip them into place
    5. take the smooth bit you left at the front of your hair(see 1.) and smooth it over the backcombed hair to make it look neater

    As for the rest, I can't really see it in the pics so not sure whats going on! Sorry!

    Hope this helps!