Tips on how to cope with morning sickness

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to cope with morning sickness? I am currently 2 months and 2 weeks pregnant and I am very ill, so much so that is hard to get things done. The nausea is 24/7 day and night, it never goes away. I throw up sometimes more than twice a day and then I must continue on working full time (I often vomit at work.) Lots of bad cramps.

    The fatigue is there for sure but there are some nights where I can't sleep at all. That's kind of another story though because I have always taken a sleeping pill, but then after discovering I was pregnant the doctor took me off of it, understandably. I asked for melatonin but my ob gyn said it is unsafe to take while expecting.

    Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has any tips with morning sickness because it is almost unbearable and I am not in a position where I can stop anything (meaning even after all the nausea and vomiting, & sleepless nights, I still have to work FT, do the cleaning and accomplish everything that I normally do.) TIA. :smile:
  2. I’ve been taking 25 mg of B6 and Unisom combo every night since that first check up because I threw up and had nausea all the time. I’m now 26 weeks and still taking them. Try to reach out to you OBGYN and ask what they would recommend to you. I hope you feel better soon.
  3. Icy drinks. I froze Gatorade into tiny little ice cubes and ate them. I bought icy slush drinks to sip on. I now have an industrial shaved ice machine that would have been great when I was pregnant. I had hyperemesis gravidarum for 2 pregnancies and it was tough. By the second pregnancy I had in-home IV fluids and a port for anti-nausea medicine. It seemed to help get me through. Definitely speak to your care provider about other options. I feel like the nausea was due to dehydration so try anything to help hydration.
  4. I hated eating them, but, while researching how to deal with crippling morning sickness I read online that plain potato chips helped - and they DID. I cannot stand plain potato chips normally. but, they made a HUGE difference. When I would get in an arching swell of nausea, a few chips would take the edge off. The other thing that helped me was pineapple and watermelon. I also took my pre-natals in the morning so that the B vitamins would be strongest in my system during the day. Only other thing I did was throw out every single scented thing I used, from dishsoap to dryer sheets. Even the organic, baby friendly ones I had been using. Anything with a fragrance, no matter how subtle, would key my nausea up and set the cycle going all over.

    Keep strong! I had barely anything with my first, but, the second time was ROUGH.
  5. Oh bless you. I really feel for you as I had horrendous morning sickness for the first four months (throwing up 10+ times a day and constantly nauseous, I lost 14 pounds in the first trimester)) but I was lucky not to be working at the time so could stay in bed. I second the suggestion of eating plain potato chips, indeed anything starchy and/or salty. They definitely took the edge off my nausea.
  6. Getting a good night's sleep is important. During the day, napping may also help, but not immediately after a meal, as nausea may increase. Small portion sizes may help to reduce the likelihood of vomiting but keep something in the stomach. Having an empty stomach can aggravate nausea feelings. The stomach produces acids, but with the exception of the stomach lining, they have nothing to work on. This adds to nausea feelings. Before getting out of bed in the morning, having some salty crackers or a protein snack can help. Cold apple sauce, pears, bananas or any citrus fruit at breakfast will help you feel happy early. Potassium from the fruit can help prevent sickness in the morning. As baked potatoes, rice and dry toast are often appropriate options, carbohydrates can help. Staying hydrated for good health is important, particularly during pregnancy. Eight glasses of water may be difficult to consume a day while experiencing nausea, but dehydration may exacerbate nausea feelings. It may be more palatable to add apple cider vinegar and honey to water. It is also an effective method to suck ice cubes made from water or fruit juice.
  7. My saviors during my pregnancies were clear sodas like 7 UP, Sprite, etc. They were the only things that would help me get through the day and make my nausea more bearable. I would keep a bottle on my nightstand and take small sips whenever I can even if it was first thing in the morning. I don't know how healthy that is but I was desperate and this was the only thing that helped.

    I also asked my Dr for anti-nausea medication and I tried Sea Bands. They helped take the edge off.

    The first months are always the hardest and for most people the nausea starts to wear off in the Second Trimester. I hope you feel better soon!
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  8. Oh, I feel for you... I was like you and now at 28 weeks, I still have nausea.
    To be honest nothing helped me, except resting and sniffling on lemon...
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    I was exactly in your state when I was pregnant. I was sick all day for the entire first trimester and despite that I worked full time and had the house, etc to take care of. Nothing really helped me. I avoided caffeine, sugary foods/drinks and I ate carbs in small meals to try to settle my stomach. I ate a few crackers when I woke up and before I went to bed. Doing those things seemed to help a tiny amount. It was not morning sickness for me, like you, it was all day sickness. Strong smells made me ill and to this day, many years later, I avoid those smells I still remember so vividly. My doctor gave me anti-nausea meds but it only made me sleepy. I couldn’t take it during the day. Maybe that can help you sleep. I drank water with a little Gatorade in the water (it helped cut the sweet taste by pouring a little in water). When I hit my second trimester the sickness disappeared and I felt normal the rest of my pregnancy. You’re almost there so hopefully the same will happen for you.

    Can you have herbal tea? Chamomile tea might help you sleep. Peppermint tea might help ease your nausea. A poster mentioned sea bands. That’s a good idea and worth trying.

    I have complete and total empathy for you. The first trimester with all the nausea and sickness was the worst part of my pregnancy. I sincerely hope you feel better soon and wish I could give you better advice to help you feel better.
  10. This is exactly what I did and it helped. I also ate a ton of those Asian preserved prunes which did wonders. It would curb my nausea immediately so I ate them constantly throughout the day, every day!
  11. I hope OP is feeling better now! I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and am in the same boat. Morning sickness is in full gear again for me (although quite honestly, not as bad as with baby #1, but still bad enough). I find that the only thing that I want to eat is pasta with butter. It is terrible but the only thing that makes me feel marginally better! I wish I could find an alternative that isn't a pound packer. Oh well, hopefully this will go away with the second trimester. It was like a light switch with baby #1 - one day I just felt like my old self again.
  12. We are going through the same thing and what my wife has found to really help is eating in small quantities but often. The midwife advised the best thing for morning sickness is to eat! It's tough as food is the last thing on your mind but my wife finds forcing herself to eat anything helps. She was on a strictly beige diet for the first 9 weeks and has not put any weight at all! I think at this stage, if you feel like crap and crave pasta with butter just go for it. After the first trimester things are meant to get much better so you can always eat a healthier diet then. I'm a big fan of listening to your body and just give it what it craves! Congrats on number 2! We are on number 1 and it's an absolute bag of emotions right now!
  13. Congratulations on number 1! I hope your wife is starting to feel better! I find that eating definitely does help, so that is good advice. And it definitely is a bag of emotions...which continues once they’re born too! Our first just turned one, so I’m feeling a bit like “uh oh, here we go again!”
  14. Thanks! Likewise! Wow the 2nd came quick! We are looking forward to it. Just a bit daunting to think of all the things we need to sort out before the little one arrives! I think I'll get more excited as the time approaches, for now I'm just trying to make the wife as comfortable as possible and take it one step at a time. So much to think about though!
  15. I just discovered that I am pregnant naturally with #2 (after having tried for years and had IVF with #1, never lose hope!) and am dreading morning sickness again. Only salty foods helped me last time so I would be grateful for any other suggestions anyone has!