Tips on how to blowdry hair fast?

  1. Any actual tips on how to blowdry hair? I haaaaaaate taking forever to blow dry my hair (its really curly) so I was just wondering how you guys do it! Thanks!
  2. Sorry- I air dry mine or braid it before I go to sleep if it's still wet.

    I do know that with curly hair, a diffuser attachment speeds up the drying process and gives curls a lot more definition, too. Here is a video on how to blow dry curly hair:

    How To Blow Dry Curly Hair (Beauty: Hair)
  3. I did the whole Japanese Straightening Perm about 3 years ago and now that it's grown out my hair is wavy/curly again. This is what I do. After I get out of the shower I grab a round brush and blow dry my bangs only. Then I just blow dry the rest of my hair (it gets frizzy). After it's dry I take my True Ceramic Pro and flat iron my hair (which gets the frizz out). Lastly, I take a curling iron and flip my ends.

    I do it this way because if I blow dry my hair straight w/a round brush it eventually leaves my arm hella sore and it always ends up frizzing.
  4. Thanks!! That was soooooo easy!! I am gonna have to give it a go now.. :biggrin:
  5. I invested in a really high quality ionic hair dryer...the kind the girl at my salon uses. It is called "CHI" and it is awesome!!! Dries hair soooo fast!
  6. My hair isn't curly, but I don't want to spend much time drying it either, so I dry it with a microfiber towel and then use the T3 Hairdryer. It's a really fast process!
  7. I cannot blowdry my own hair so i invested in a hairdryer which is actually a round brush. I only use this in extreme emergencies if I cannot get to hairdresser, 99.9% of the time I leave it to her.
  8. I have an ionic dryer too and it is much hotter and drys hair faster than typical blow dryers.....
  9. I always towel dry my hair as much as possible and then flip my head over and blow dry my hair at the roots first and then all the rest, its the quickest way for me.
  10. Using an ionic and tourmaline hairdryer was really what did the trick for me. I have the Infiniti by Conair (not the styler) and for a $30 dryer I am ecstatic with the results. After using it once, my mom wanted one. It used to take me at least 15 minutes to dry it with a regular dryer and now, about 5, starting with pretty damp hair.

  11. Perfect! yes they work awesome!
  12. After washing off the conditioner in your hair, blast it with cold water. Press your towel into your hair by sections until it's significantly drier. Then, spray liberally with a heat protecting lotion (I recommend Bumble&Bumble Tonic Spray). Then, blow dry your hair using a diffuser (since your hair is curly). Twist small sections of your hair all over and place them in the diffuser with the dryer on. Do it section by section and after you're done, define curls by using a LITTLE DAB of serum/gloss.
  13. ^^Thanks! I will give those tips a try tomorrow morning! :biggrin: