tips on how 2 authenticate a b bag

  1. can any1 help

    how can you authenticate a fendi B bag?, ive read the thread in the chloe paddington and was wondering if there is one for the fendi.
    thanks tara
  2. We don't have a thread with tips. You can feel free to post pics in the "authenticate this Fendi" thread or browse through there as there are many tips posted in that thread.
  3. hi, thanks im hopeless i dont no how to post the pix or i would have!
  4. click on "go advanced" and then there is a place to attach pictures--they must be below a certain size, though. If you can't resize them, you can always upload them to a service like for free and then post a link to them in the "authenticate this" thread and we will take a look.

    The easiest thing to look for is, does the hologram peel off? Or is it stuck on the tag really securely?