Tips on Hong Kong and Hermes.....

  1. I've managed to snare a really cheap fare to Hong Kong today so this little piggy is planning to do a bit of damage at Hermes there. :p

    Can anyone tell me if the Lena necklace is readily available in HK? I've been gazing at it longingly ever since MrsS and Orchids posted photos of themselves wearing one. I'm also dying to get the latest carousel cadena and a clic clac H bracelet. Any idea of the price of the three items?

    I'd love to hear tips from anyone regarding accommodation, shopping and restaurants. This is the first time I'll be traveling outside of the country with a toddler. It should be interesting :wtf:
  2. Birkingal - Sorry I can't answer your questions....if my mom was their I would ask her, my dad will be there next week.

    I JUST WANT TO SAY...""HAVE A BLAST"" and I hope you find everything on your wish list there!!:yes:
  3. I can't help either but I know you're going to have a fabulous time!!
  4. Thanks, GT & C! Hope someone comes along soon.
  5. Have a great time...

    There should be some great H items for you to drool over...
  6. Where are you planning on staying in Hong Kong or do you have no idea yet? I usually go to Hong Kong once or twice a year so let me know...hope I can be of help!
  7. Birkingal when we go to HK we stay the Peninsula Hotel they are fantastic with our children and there's an H boutique downstairs!!!

    Have a great time and report back all your exciting adventures.
  8. Oh my the last time I was in Hongkong I was in heaven but dangerous too cos you will surely overspend!!!
  9. I second Handybags. The Peninsula is the best! The H shop there is very friendly :smile: If you like chinese food like dimsums... I would suggest Zen in Pacific Place.
  10. We're heading off in 3 weeks' time. I was there 2-3 years ago but ate at all the tourist traps :yucky: because I had no idea where the best eating places were. I'd like to stay in Kowloon.

    I absolutely adore Peninsula but I'd like a cheaper hotel (a nice and clean 3 star) so that I have more money to shop, KWIM? :p
  11. How about Marco Polo Hotel?
  12. Thank you for the suggestion, Sakara. Off to google the Marco Polo hotel now.
  13. Agree with sakara54 that Marco Polo Hotel is a good choice to stay - in particular the hotel has been renovated recently. In any case if your hotel is near Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, it'll be easy for you to shop around and hang out with kid(s), coz there you have the Chanel Kowloon flagship store, Toysrus and lots of nice restaurants.

    Of course Birkingal is most concerned about where to get Hermes products? :graucho: Apart from the H shop at (1) Duty Free Shop, Tsim Sha Tsui Sun Arcade and (2) Peninsula Hotel, you can also check out other H shops on Hong Kong side, see for shop list.

    Another source to get H bags is the reseller shops. But many of the H bags from reseller shops in HK are "all new" or in mint condition. "Milan Station" is relatively reliable (as it is a chain store). Shop addresses are as follows:-

    Causeway Bay shop: Shop F, G/F., 77-83 Percival Street, Causeway Bay. Tel: 2504 0128

    Central shop: G/F., 26 Wellington Street, Central. Tel: 2736 3388

    Tsim Sha Tsui shop: Shop F-H, G/F., 81 Chatham Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Tel: 2730 2528

    Another reseller is called "France Station" (competitor obviously?). They have a lot of neutral colour Birkins. Can't find the shop address on the internet but you can ask the conciege of your hotel. There's one "France Station" in Causeway Bay near Lee Garden Hill Road and Percival Street.

    As to places for kids I'll recommend Hong Kong Park, Ocean Park (lovely animals and kids' playground) and of course Disneyland (if the adults are not fed up yet!). I'm a mother of 2 boys and do understand you need to take your kids somewhere and balance out your shopping urge during the holiday!

    Hope you have fun in HK Birkingal! :heart:
  14. Anyone know which H Store is the biggest one in HongKong? Does anyone have any luck in getting a birkin from there?
  15. I think the biggest one is around Land Mark:confused1: