Tips on cleaning a used Coach bag

  1. I need to clean a used coach tote that I just bought and I'm not sure what to celan it with:confused1:
    It is supposed to be scotchguard fabric but I don't know how to clean it. Any tips greatly appreciated Thanks
  2. Go to the Coach store or call Coach and order the Signature Fabric Cleaner :smile:
  3. What kind of bag is it? Is it signature fabric or a different fabric? Do you have any idea what it is soiled with? Can you post photos of it?

    Sorry to bomb you with questions but the more we know the more help we can offer! :yes:
  4. Mokoni, your avatar is so great.
  5. It is the coach signature print um can't get photos to upload right now.

    The bag is the lilac soho optic bee tote with tan leather. It just has scuff marks on it from being set down on the bottom and the corners of the bag.
    Is there anything around the house I could use that wont hurt it? I'm dying to tote it around!:sweatdrop:
  6. You definitely need the Coach fabric cleaner. It works wonders!

    As far as the tan leather, you can use leather cleaner but if it's scuffed it might not help... it might darken the scuffs and make them more noticible, so I wouldn't clean the scuffs; you might try just wiping the leather down with a baby wipe. Unless i't's suede. Don't use anything on suede.

  7. ^Good advice, Sarah! :yes: I'd be especially careful not to put anything on the leather because I *think* that's vachetta on your bag. You can't put anything on vachetta because it will ruin it!
  8. ^^I think you're right, Mokoni! That style, if it's the one I'm thinking of, is vachetta. Good call!
  9. LOL - thanks! I love her so much! She's a Jim Benton character (the guy who started It's Happy Bunny - one of my other favorites!) and I think she's part of the Meany Doodles.
  10. I have some of those stickers actually! I got them one year for christmas from someone at my office-- go figure! LOL. I've also seen her on a calendar, I think. I love happy bunny type stuff. Especially "college prepares you for the real world, which also sucks."
  11. LOL....I told my Mom that earlier I said "I should just use a baby wipe they can't hurt it and they clean anything"

    I don't have a coach store nearby is there something I can get elsewhere?
  12. Ok Thanks for the help ladies!
  13. I'd really only recommend Coach signature fabric cleaner, but that's 'cause I work at Coach-- LOL, no, really, it just works best. They'll ship it to you! :yes: