Tips on banning myself?

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  1. #1 Feb 14, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    So I am new to TPF and a new Coach addict. Within the last week I have obtained three new handbags if I count the one my bf just gave me for V-day. We had already gotten presents at Lush and I convinced him we needed "more gifts". I have a serious problem!

    I live within an hour of THREE outlets and whenever I have nothing to do I find myself really wanting to venture to the outlets just to see what they have and be in the presence of COACH!! I just love the thrill of entering the store! I know you ladies understand!

    So I have not been on a ban yet and I wanted to ask you ladies how you do it. I need any tips you have! I know I need to stop going to the outlets. Do I need to stop looking on TPF? I really do not want to give that up!

    Thanks!!! :heart:
  2. I haven't been on an official ban yet, but I'm thinking about doing one for Lent inspired by another TPFer on here. For me I think I HAVE to give up TPF:crybaby: because I am just too tempted by the outlet updates and all the new goodies that come out! Everyone is different, maybe start off with a budget? If you allocate yourself a certain amount per month for Coach you can still browse and shop but you have a budget that you need to stick to.

    Good luck!
  3. I think the question for people who are considering a ban to ask themselves is do you buy bags to use or do you buy to collect?

    I want to use my bags and enjoy them. I don't have a desire to get bags just to look at but not use.

    It took some time but now I can look at the pf without jumping in the car every time I see something I want or hear about a great deal.
    When you get the urge, I would go look at the new bags you have. You probably haven't had a chance to really use them yet.
  4. You have give up the TPF to be on a successful ban I think. Looking at everyone's beautiful reveals is just more temptation than a purse addict on a ban can handle!
  5. Thanks for the tips guys. I guess as difficult as it might be I might have to go on TPF less or give it up for a while...eeek!!!

    A hard thing about the outlet addiction is the urgency... thinking that if you don't go THIS TIME you might miss out on something AMAZING that will never come back. I went yesterday though and there really wasn't anything great so I have to realize that there will always be great purses coming and going and it is random.
  6. I did manage to survive a 6 month ban to pay off our wedding debt....ban was lifted last month after our final payment. I bought not one thing, no bags or accessories. Yes, it is possible to be on the forum and be on a ban as well. It's hard at first but it get's easier. I could never give up this forum! It was actually very informative, I found out what was coming out and what was hitting the outlets. So my advise is this, start wih a small ban, 2 month ban or ban handbags but allow an accessory every now and then! Hope this helps! :smile:
  7. My buying got to be out of control as well and I understand the "urgency". Part of my problem is that I buy and return. My therapist advice was that I should wait 24 hours before buying and could not return to ensure if was a bag I really wanted and not impulse. And if I bought I had to get rid of 2 from my existing collection. So buy 1, sell 2. I have not taken this advice but it sounds good :smile:
  8. I...for one...could never ban myself and give up tPF. I will "big ban" myself...meaning, no purses...but accessories are always game on!!
  9. It is a daily battle. :P Seriously, if you are not doing so, learn to love the bags you have by using them and switching on a regular basis. This has helped me on my ban this year. Instead of letting bags sit in the cabinet and forgetting about them, I switch about two or three times a week. Keeps all my beautiful bags fresh on my mind. :lol: And I guess that I am going to have to follow the one in one out rule once I purchase a new bag because I have no more room in my cabinet that I bought specifically for my purses. I am not buying another one!

    Oh, and I too, will never ban myself from accessories!
  10. I don't think I can help! I put myself on a 4 bag limit for the year at the end of Jan and I'm already past that. I told myself it was ok because used bags don't count.

    Like someone else said, I think you would have to give up of tpf all together to make a ban successful. I'm not willing to do that either.

    I've changed my strategy, I'm just selling a bag I don't really use for each one I get. So far that is working.
  11. Hmm. Since I'm looking at either getting a car and a puppy within the next 6 months, I put myself on ban. I just come here to drool over everyone else's purchases. Believe me it has not been easy.
  12. Yep.... That's what I'm attemping to do ( she says as her so is currently driving to the outlet...oops)
  13. Hello and Welcome!!!!!
    I really need to ban myself as well!!! You sound just like me as far as having to venture to be with Coach!!! LOL I only have one outlet about an hour from me and I go at least once or maybe twice a week!!! I tell my friends that I need my "Coach Fix!" You are so lucky to live near three outlets!!!!
    Hopefully some day I can afford a vacation to a place that has a lot more outlets!!!

    Coach is very Addicting!!!! The Purse Forum really fuels it too~~~

    (Can't wait to see pictures of your purses!!!)

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. hm maybe you shouldnt "ban" yourself, and just maybe make a rule for yourself about how much and how often you spend on bags. It kindov makes me think of how diets dont work..if you just try to tell yourself you can have something, you just crave it all the time! But if you set a limit and still alow yourself things every so often then it works a lot better :smile:
  15. I totally understand where you are coming from. I'm not really for bans but I decided to limit myself. I bought a purse-to-go and change bags daily, so that give me a 'new' bag everyday so I really don't feel the urge to get anything new.

    When I want to get something new I decided on a 'one in one out' strategy. I am finding it hard deciding which one to let go, so nothing new until I can decide.

    Visiting TPF is not the problem, it's controlling the urge to rush to to outlet when you see the reveal of something you want.