Tips on Bag Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. i have a burberry pink nova check wallet.. and i think my credit card stained the white leather.. b/c its orange... the white leather gets dirty easily.. and i was wondering if anyone here knew how to get marks and dirt off of it!!
    im also getting the spring/summer louis vuitton marshmellow pink vernis wallet.. (i have a thing for designer pink wallets).. and i know im going to be extremely paranoid with that.. yet i have no idea on how to clean that type of leather (patent leather)?? .. the LV site says to wipe with a damp cloth and to keep away from different fabrics and inks (magazines).. but how do i know which one to stay away from?? i once had a patent leather organizer and it ended up getting yellow/discolored stains (from where i do not know)..i ended up getting 3 more of the same organizer b/c each one ended up w/ un erasable marks...

    i dont know if you guys are as anal as i am about my belongings..but any advice, tips, knowledge would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. hmm i am not sure how to clean it...i would think maybe the best thing is to send it to a professional for a cleaning if you really want the best job possible.