Tips on applying fake lashes?

  1. Hi gals

    With all this talk about fake lashes, I really would like to jump on the bandwagon too. Thing is, I always struggle at applying them and I end up with glue on my lids, lashes, everywhere :confused1:. Ugh. Please post your tips/tricks on easy application and I will dash off and stock up on some lashes now! ;) Also, can we use falsies daily? I worry about the glue irritating my lids in the long run...

    :heart: Mich
  2. I don't use fake lashes everyday, but they are definitely fun for a special occasion. I buy the ones that are just 1 long piece...I tried using the short ones that you glue on separately and it was a lot harder. Put a little bit of the glue on the edge of the lash and start from the corner of your eye. I usually use my tweezers to help pat the lash down (they are a lot smaller than using your finger) I hope this helps!
  3. I tried both cheap lashes from target and mac lashes. So far Mac lashes are easy to put on. It looks more natural (although some mac lashes are pretty long) and very flexible. I put my eyemakup on first. Before putting any glue,I measure and cut the length of lashes to fit my eyes. Then, I put the fake lashes on my eyes and curl it. Then, I lightly put a glue on the fake lashes and glue it in. It takes me less than five minutes. I think maybe because I'm use to it.
  4. IMO, there really is no "trick" to it. You will eventually get the hang of it after 3-4 times. Some girls put shadow and liner on first, but I put my lashes on first. At first, I tried to use a cheap little lash applier, but I found that too cumbersome. Now I use an orange stick to help press them in place. (An orange stick is like a really BIG toothpick).

    Here is what works me:

    I wear falsies when I go out in the evening or when I have shopping dates with friends. I don't reuse mine, so that keeps me from wearing them EVERY day; otherwise, I probably would. Expensive beauty routine!

    Since I have little luck reusing the lashes after one wearing, I opt for the less expensive Ardell and Andrea Modlash. I have used the MACs, but I can't say they are any better when I only wear them once.

    I usually cut the lash strips so they are about 2/3 the width of my eyes. Sometimes I wear them full, and somethimes I wear them 1/2 length.

    After I apply them, I GENTLY curl both my real and false lashes. I apply mascara (Diorshow) and liquid eyeliner (Shu Uemura).
  5. thanks for all the details, shoeangel, that was very helpful! now the next question:

    amid all the mascara and glue and all that good stuff, how do you remove your fake lashes without wreaking havoc to your lashes and eyes? i know it takes skill to learn how to apply them but the removal process is a skill in and of itself too!
  6. I agree with this ichelle. My first couple of times looked horrible. The third time I did it was just right. Cut the width if you need to, apply a small amount of the glue on the strip, wait about 30 seconds, then place as close to your lash line as possible. Taking them off is even easier, just gently pull. I promise you'll get the hang of it, just practice. It's soo easy.
  7. Can you sleep in them - and carry on wearing them next day? (Or am I being a lazy skank? :sick:)
  8. i'd be afraid to sleep in them since i need to wash my makeup off every night...
    i think i'll start practicing with a cheap pair. i'm just one of those gals who's afraid of touching my eye area hehe.