Tips on any messengers?

  1. I am keen to get a messenger not overly large, but something that can hold my husband and my key items - wallets, phones, makeup, sunscreen or umbrella (dependent on season) and a camera.

    Its mainly for travelling - some not so hip places on fashion like Vietnam and Cambodia, however places like Italy, Poland etc as well. Something that is unlikely to keep me fear of getting ruined, but proud enough to walk into a designer store in Europe.

    It also would be great to be able to take to sporting events with him.

    I am not fussy about brand or cost, as long as its atleast a half decent designer....

    I am completely at a loss.... can you help with ideas????
  2. I would say the Prada nylon messenger/lap top style bag...I don't know the style number but it is definitely unisex and I know people who have it and love it. There is not a huge logo on it either...just a small Prada triangle.
  3. mulberry has some lovely unisex styles in durable quality leather. good for all casual ocassions in my opinion
  4. . Rapp and Posavek .

    Just love this one..........(I think you might be able to get a 20 percent off discount on this from Standard-Style with a Grechens Closet discount.)
  5. Thisismypurse: I'm looking for a similar style messenger bag and I LOVE the Bailey from R&P. Just wish that it came in black!
    Does anyone own one? Know how they hold up?

  6. I've been obsessing lately about the Kooba Annie. It's been out since last year, so you could easily find a good deal on one if you're not in a hurry...

    It comes in black too.
    Picture 3.jpg
  7. I have a quilted nylon Chanel messenger bag that I love. It's not big at all and it has the signature quilt with two Chanel logos on the magnetic closure.The price was around 900..An alternative is Prada Messenger which I love also. Plus they come in more variety of colors.
  8. Here's my Balenciaga Besace messenger in Blueberry:
    messenger2.jpg messenger4.jpg

  9. That's a great messenger bag. Where did you get it?
  10. definitely the prada's light and streamlined and holds everything!
  11. BabyK - I got the Besace from a trusted eBay seller. The leather's incredible!
  12. I'm not sure how you feel about tokidoki but LeSportsac makes some great messengers that hold up well and withstand the weather. Not to mention they're super lightweight. They have a bunch of different styles and patterns. You can pick up an older pattern at an outlet store for about 25% off retail and if you don't have one near you you can order it over the phone. LeSportsac you can find all the info there.


    Here's another style