Tips my personal trainer gave me...

  1. Not sure if this has been posted or started elsewhere, but for those who have friends who are personal trainers, or who see a personal trainer - i thought it would be good if they could share the tips given to them ...

    i only just started seeing a personal trainer after getting excessively bored at the gym with my usual workout. And instead of just looking at going through exercises with me, she's made some good suggestions:

    - food and exercise diary points
    if you eat 'healthy' for one day give yourself a point
    if you exercise to get your heart rate up to 60-75% of maximum give yourself a point
    Aim for 5 points a week to start of with and then gradually increase it to 8 then keep increasing...

    - after doing a weights session try having some eggs or protein to reduce catabolism of muscle mass

    - don't be afraid of weights! (this is so true)
    women and men put muscle on differently. men will bulk up whereas women have to try a lot harder to get the same effect. putting on muscle means burning calories more efficiently.

    - don't starve yourself!
    starving means your body will start breaking down muscle preferentially over fat - not a good thing

    - love chocolate? (yes i do)
    try sustagen sport instead of chocolate drink for chocolate cravings

    - love cream? (yes - with strawberries)
    try low fat ricotta cheese with splenda sweetener instead

    - everything in moderation - if you eat out and want to spoil yourself - then go for it! but try to make up for it by going for an extra run etc.

    those are the ones i can think of at the moment...
  2. Thanks for the tips!
  3. thanks for the tips!
  4. all great tips, thanks for posting. Let us know how your progress with your trainer goes, I am interested to see if it makes a big difference for you! I've never had one before.
  5. I've been seeing my trainer for about 2 months now. My mother-in-law recommended her and she had a special intro offer going. I started seeing her just once a week and only recently upped it to twice a week. It has made a big difference - my husband has noticed i'm looking healthier and more toned than i was before. i've lost a total of about 10cm off my waist, hips, thighs which i think is great. My overall fitness has improved which was one of my aims.

    If you are thinking about seeing a personal trainer - intro offers are a good way to do it. There are a few personal trainer's at the gym I goto and watching how they work makes me realise how good my own personal trainer is (ie the trainers at my gym are CRAP!). You want someone who pushes you but also is aware of your limitations - not someone who just chats to you and doesn't really pay attention to what you're doing. Nor do you want someone who constantly yells at you and makes you feel bad!

    A good trainer will make a full assessment when you start - looking at your goals, where you are currently with your fitness and diet, do a weigh and measurement (mine had those fat scale measuring devices); and then do a regular reassessment.

    If you feel you're stuck in a rut at the gym or with weight loss or with trying to get fit - then I would recommend a trainer - but just be sure to shop around for a good one that suits you!
  6. thanks for sharing the tips!
  7. I trained with my trainer for about 2 years.. It was the only way I would make myself go to the gym. My advice, always be open with your trainer about your expectations, you eating habits, your goals and it will be much easier for them to customize your workout. Also remember that everyone is different. Your results will be different from someone elses so don't fall into the trap of I am doing what she is doing but not getting the same results.
  8. I love the point idea! It seems so easy to do and the expectations are nice. :biggrin:
  9. Thanks for the tips!! Very helpful!
  10. Thanks for the tips. I especially love the one about the points - that's a lot less pressure than most point/counting systems.
  11. I have also been with a PT for about 2 months and just have to add for women especially - really up the weights to the point that in the last 2 reps of a set of 12/15, the weights are just about impossible to lift. I used to spend what I now realise is a waste of time doing too low weights and not understanding why I wasn't getting results. The weights my PT gets me to do I wouldn't do in a pink fit, but I can do them when pushed. Burn that muscle ladies!!!
  12. So what does your trainer think about protein drinks?
  13. thanks for the tips!
  14. I've had the same personal trainer 3 years now, yesterday I ran into her at the gym, she was a total ***** to me? wtf ...

    I only hire her from april - september each year. .. but still!

    thanks for the tips :smile:
  15. My trainer's tips are:

    -eat protein after the workout (even a protein shake is good)
    -80% of losing weight is diet, 20% is exercise
    -cardio is important for weight loss (walking is not enough, running is best)
    -jump rope is a great way to get the heart rate up
    -mix weight training with bursts of cardio for maximum effectiveness