Tips/inspection before finalizing purchase of Damier Speedy 30 - first LV bag!

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  1. Hey lovelies!!!

    After years of using my mother's LV purses, I'm finally ready to buy my own at the ripe age of 21 :shame: I'm planning on getting a Damier Speedy 30 at Oglivy's LV in Montreal. Before finalizing the purchase, aside from the obvious things such as inspecting the bag for any defects and addressing the bleeding lining issue, is there anything else I should look out for? For example, is there any particular area that's prone to, um, damage and I should inspect carefully? Also, in terms of the bleeding lining issue...I'm kind of hesistant to bring in my own white towel and rub it against the bag.

    In any case, any tips/advice would be much appreciated!
  2. Well, the only thing I can think of is make sure you get your lock and keys. so many people get home with their new speedy and realize the SA forgot to give them a lock set. Don't be afraid to bring a small white towel or hanky to test the bag. Tell them what you're doing before you go wiping the inside of the bag, otherwise they might think you're a little crazy! :upsidedown: You also might want to ask for a box to store it in should you move or get another LV. They should automatically give you a dust bag. I can't think of any specific parts of the bag that are prone to defects, etc. Enjoy your experience and be sure to post pics of your new bag!!
  3. Something else I just thought of, it never hurts to ask if they will give you a catalog. If they have any in stock, they should give it to you for free.
  4. Can I ask, what does the white towel do when testing the bag? To see if anything comes off the leather? I am curious...
  5. The Damier Speedys have a problem with the red lining rubbing off... rubbing the white towel will help you determine if yours bleeds. When I had the damier speedy i rubbed a paper towel on the lining and it came back red.

  6. Ahhhh....thanks for the speedy reply...I only own the pieces from the monogram collection and now I realize what you are talking about - definitely GOOD point to point out!! Thanks!!!!!!!!
  7. Melissa, you were oh-so-helpful! :smile: Thank you so much!

    I know I really should bring in the white towelette to check, but it's just that they're very snotty to me in general because I look like I'm 15. Also, I will be getting an employee discount on the bag and that might piss them off a bit.

    In any case...thanks again!
  8. BONUS - wish I could get a employee discount!!!
  9. The dumb thing is though - I never knew it applied to LV goods until 4 weeks ago!!!

    In any case, my main intent is to get the bag before the next price increase :shame:

  10. Discount or no discount, young-looking or not, it shouldn't piss them off that you are checking to make sure that your speedy won't have the same problem as many other Damier Speedies! If anything, it will save them (and you) the trouble of you having to exchange it for a new one later!
  11. Bleh, you're right. There's NO reason whatsoever why I should feel intimidated by them.
  12. Wow, can't wait for you to get the Damier speedy! plz share your beautiful speedy w/us, i never get tire of Speedy! Don't feel shy about hohw SA treats you, remember you are paying their pay check!
  13. It's really brave of you to get the Damier Speedy! :yes: I'm still haunted by the bleeding issue. :shame:
  14. are the damier bags the only ones that bleed or do the wallets also?
  15. ^Good question!

    I was wondering if the same thing happens to Saleyas?