Tips for Wearing Ballet Slippers

  1. Hi all,

    So I bought a pair of ballet slippers in the fall, and I absolutely love them (not much of a heels girl). The problem....I wore them once and had blisters on my heels that took 2 weeks to go away...unbelievably painful. I then decide to buy those really short nylons/socks to have some protection on my heels, but you can see them around the edges of the shoe, and I kind of like the barefoot look.

    Any advice? Is it dorky and unfashionable to wear really thin socks with them if you're wearing pants?
  2. Try a band-aid maybe
  3. lol...yea I did and it would rub off from walking. The shoes fit fine....but I'm a little apprehensive about buying more of them.
  4. They sell these little gel like heel inserts you stick inside the back of the shoes...I have to do this or I get blisters too. I found them in the foot isle at Walgreen's.
  5. I use a pad that sticks on around the edge of the shoe. Its advertised as preventing blisters and it also stops shoes from slipping. So far so good.
  6. This is the second thread I see on here about I must come clean and admit that although I have several flats and I love them, I too have the same problem. However, in my case I only got the blisters when I first wore the flats, after I "broke them in", it was no longer a problem. Maybe put some thick socks on and wear them around the house, so you can stretch them a little before you decide to wear them out again...I especially have this problem with the patent leather flats that I own.
  7. wow did not such a thing was available, heading to walgreens tonight must try a pair. thanks so much for the idea.

  8. I also saw them tonight at Target while I was there. I actually thought of this thread when I saw them.
  9. I actually started a very similar thread a few weeks ago!

    I wear knee high nylons with my flats so you don't see the edge of them over the shoe, and I wear Dr. Scholl's "For Her" gel inserts- they work wonders.
  10. oh oh oh i just read this in cosmo last month (or was it glamour?) whatver....they make this liquid bandage that you can get anywhere (ie walgreens) and you bassically paint it onto youro skin and it creates a clear layer of "skin"....protects your actual skin from the rubbing!!!

    Try it! :smile:
  11. wear a little heel protector that you can get at walgreen's
  12. also, there's a dancer's product that is like a gel that you peel off the plastic and stick on your foot. it's made for dancing in point shoes but I guess you can wear them in your reg. shoes too.
  13. Thanks everyone! I am definetly going to check that out next time I'm at Walgreens. If they work I am going to be stocking up on flats until I'm broke!
  14. I have only had this issue if the back of the flat was stiff. If it was a soft material I didn't get blisters.
  15. liquird bandaid but super glue works just as well - it was from this months glamour with I beleive liv tyler on the cover