Tips for traveling with St. Louis GM?

  1. I have lusted after a St. Louis GM in black & tan for 3? 4? years & finally got one in preparation for an upcoming trip with DH to Germany & Hungary. I'm
    delighted b/c it's attractive, lightweight, & very useful. But, the open top makes me a bit nervous (pickpockets.) Also, any sugg's for cosmetic case, other acc's? When I carry an LV bag, for instance, most of my acc's are in matching LV. No $ to buy a Goyard wallet, etc. Wondering what the rest of you do?
  2. I have a large zip bag that fits my chameleon purse organizer, so essentially, everything is zipped up. I also fold the corners of my GM in and put a sweater/ scarf over the top of everything.

    At the same time, I've never been to those specific countries, so I'm not sure if those things alone are enough to deter pickpockets as I've heard they can be very very good.

    Congrats on your new purchase and have fun on your trip!
  3. I place the dust cloth in the bottom of my bag so that it is somewhat open. Then I place my wallet and other,items within the dust cloth...that way my things are protected and the bottom of my st louis always stays clean!!:smile:
  4. Wow! That's a great idea! I usually carry one of my Burberry scarves and place it on top of my items.

    By the way, I have a black/black PM, and use my LV MC noir accessories with it. I tried to get a wallet, but just didn't like the matching pieces.

    Have a great time on your trip!
  5. I also use a dust bag I no longer use for my old bag-keeps inside of the bag clean too!
  6. when i travel, i still use the old fashion money belt. but when i go around home, i put everything at the bottom and always lay a cardigan or scarf on top. the sides of my st. louis are folded in as well.
  7. Depends on how you carry it and yourself.....Goyard is more common the Europe so it might be like carrying LV in the know one on almost every person. I hope that you have a nice trip!
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  8. I usually fold the corners and place a scarf on top of my St. Louis.
  9. Goyard is pretty much unknown in Germany. In general Germany is a pretty safe country, but then again I always watch my bags closely (no matter which country I am), especially the open top ones. I only have a neverfull GM which has a zipped compartment large enough for wallet and mobile phones and I fold in the corners when possible. Your St Louis should have a small clutch like bag with press button closure, which is attached to the St Louis, can you fit your wallet in there?
  10. Has anyone flown with the GM? I assume it can fit under the seat in front of you, yes? It's kind of tall and I'm concerned about it getting scrunched and creased from being squeezed under a seat during a long haul. Thoughts?
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  11. I fly with my GM all the time and it's still in new condition. The GM is honestly the best travel bag I have ever bought - one of the best things about it is that I don't have to worry about it. My GM gets scrunched and banged around all the time. I'm currently travelling in London and it's getting sprinkled on but it's held up fantastically.
  12. Good to know! I know on some carriers I'll have to consolidate to just "one" piece of carry on and I was worried about folding up and cramming my St. Louis in my suitcase and it getting wrinkled/permanently damaged. Thanks, chubbiebunnie! (Your name is so fun to say 3x fast!!)
  13. Hehehe I know right!?!?

    Yeah I afraid of it getting wrinkled, but so far, it's been fine. Any wrinkles it does get comes out once I wear it for a bit - with that said, I haven't crinkled it with pressure (ie putting heavy shoes on it). However, I've definitely crammed it/folded it under seats and into lockers many times.

    Happy traveling!!
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