Tips for traveling to Macau and Hong Kong

  1. Hi everyone! I was just needing some advice on traveling to Macau and Hong Kong! I have never been to China, and am very concerned and excited with what to take and what to do.
    I am having the worst time figuring out the power adapters and what type to purchase, as well as where to go and such. I am going to see my brother who plays in the orchestra in Macau, so he will be busy and I will have a lot of time on my own.
    I am open to any and all recommendations, on how to make this the most amazing experience of my life thus far!:yes::yahoo:

    Thankyou all!!
  2. Don't have much but here is what I do have - go to the Peak in HGK. Most hotels have power adapters that will work with your stuff. Don't bother with hair dryer though. Allow a lot of time to get through Macau immigration. I'm sure you know about the slow boat to China to get to Macau - First class is only around US 25 so take it!! :smile:

    Anywho - do you have hotels yet? Are you staying with your bro in Macau?
  3. "Google is your friend". I would suggest checking the internet, there's just so much information out there - so much to do/see/buy/eat in Hong Kong that it would be hard to compile all this info into just one thread. Macau would be a great day (or 2) side-trip.

    As I've also suggested in another travel thread, you should pick up a little travel book from Lonely Planet or Fodor's since this is your first time in HK. It'll make a good read on the plane. Have fun!
  4. Thankyou so very much for your replies, all very helpful:yes:
  5. We went in November.

    It was the first time in Asia for both my bf & I. The HK skyline is quite impressive. Our hotel had an awesome view of it, floor to ceiling windows where we could see the skyline every night! So if you're staying with your brother and not in a hotel, I recommend viewing the skyline from the Kowloon side, and maybe getting a drink at the Intercontinental Bar which has some awesome views. Also go to the Peak on a clear evening.

    We took an organized tour day trip to the Northern Territories, if we spent more time perhaps we would've gotten a hotel out there and done more exploring, but as we weren't out there for too long this allowed us an opportunity to see a little bit.

    We weren't in Macau for too long, half a day... but we felt like that was actually too long. The history museum is nice there. Also we enjoyed the history museum in HK too.

    We were only going to do either Macau or Lantau and we picked Macau, but were actually able to do Lantau as well, at least the Big Buddha part. Since the HK airport is on Lantau, we dropped our luggage off and took a cab to the skyrail to the buddha. A good option if you're short on time and want to see that too.

    Have a fun trip :smile:
  6. Blue, thankyou, those are amazing tips on what to do! I have done some reading on both destinations, but it always helps to hear first hand experiences from people who have already gone! I beyond appreicate it!:wlae:
  7. well, i haven't been to macau. i usually go to HK because i have family over there and beijing. the HK airport is very nice! so if you have time you should browse haha. definitely visit the Peak, it has great views and is accessible by a hillside trolly or bus i believe. also HK is well known for their street markets. so you should try to look into the jade market and the "night" market where they sell tons of random things. the restaurants in HK vary ... some are very high end which i think you'll be able to notice based on decor but the street vendors are very yummy too! clothes in HK are also relatively cheap. they have GAP equivalents over there but designer goods are usually pretty expensive. have lots of fun over there!
  8. hope you have fun in HK and Macau!!! def. go to the street markets, they are sooooooo much fun!!:yahoo: but you spend a lot of money on useless stuff!! haha.. i went to visit my parents (they just moved there) last august with the BF, it was his first time and my first time in eight yearS!!!!!!!

    so.. of course, we thought all that random stuff at the night and street markets were dirt cheap, and SOOOOO unique! to tell you the truth, i don't know where ANY OF IT IS!! haha.. you MUST go to stanley market, its my favorite!! and the peak of course!! Lan Kwai Fong is the place to go to drink.

    SERIOUS shopping should be down at Tsim Sha Tsui (aka TST) which is in Kowloon, or Causeway Bay, or Central (both of those are in the HK island side). LOVE buying purses there, because the prices are almost the same, but NO SALES TAX (think about a few bags, you save couple hundred on taxes!!), and while some bags here (mostly LVs) are made in USA, but you can get them made in France there!!!! I LOVE TST though, the Harbor Center or something?! haha.. Harbor SOMETHING, got a burberry store, LV outside(same street), YSL, great hotel buffet, Dior accross the street, a DUTYFREE shopping center which is GREAT!!!

    anyways.. i only went for two weeks, so that's all i remember, gonna go again to see my parents in august with the bf!!! i am sooooo excited, but probably gonna spend most of my time buying real useful stuff!! haha.. but the cheaper unique stuff make GREAT souvenirs!!!

    i gambled there most of the time, and had a local bring me around, my godmother's family lives there so her sister took us around... it was fun, many new American Casinos were being built when i went, suppose to be great!!! hard to get around if you don't know people though, but if you do, YOU WILL DO JUST FINE!!!! :yes:

    ps... when you are there, don't say that you are in china as you did in your first post, eventhough HK and Macau have turned back over to China, locals (even myself, and i was born in California!!hahah! both my parents were born in HK, and i lived there for a few years when i was 8-11) do not like to be seen as they are from China (aka mainlanders)!!!! so.. just don't say that they are from china or those places are china or anything, you can really offend someone!!! just some pointers!!:roflmfao:
  9. Hey there! I'm from Hong Kong and can help you with this!


    If you're going to Macau, Macau is like the Las Vegas of Asia so you'd probably enjoy going out there at night time! Usually in daylight, Macau is practically boring and not much interesting sites to go. My mom is working in Macau right now so I did have my vacation in Macau for a month last December.

    There are a few Museums in Macau, wine museum, the grand prix museum which are really interesting. The rest, forget about it. LOL. Boring.

    Try going to Macau Tower, you can see the view of the whole Macau there. And not to mention if you want to bunjee jump, it's available there!

    Fishermen's Wharf is also a good place to visit there when I was there. It's still small because it's still expanding though.

    Some good hotels for gambling (I don't really gamble, but I just love those slot machines!) includes Wynn Hotel and Sands Hotel. Sands Hotel has some great Australian Band playing while you're doing your casino thingie, not to mention the drinks are cheap!

    About food, I love portugese foods. Try some with cheese and ham in rice! I'm sure you will love it!
  10. Hong Kong... Tell me first what particularly in mind do you want to do in Hong Kong? Shop or just tour?

    And in China, practically, shopping. If you're not oriental, BEWARE there! Because they usually rise the prices there if they know that you're a tourist and you're from USA or somewhere in America / Europe! So be sure to bargain!

    Here's an example...

    The seller says her item is for 100. Bargain it for $30 and she will give it to you for $40. If on the first attempt she don't want to accept, walk away. She will catch you and tell maybe $45. You ask for $35 again. And if she says no, walk away again! And soon, you'll agree on $40!

    My mom is really the best person in China when it comes to shopping and I've learned it from her.

    When I was young, I wanted to buy an engraved stamp with my name on it. When I asked, it was RMB 150! But my mom got it for only RMB 25!
  11. Hongkong ppl!! Could you recommend a good hotel for my parents? They prefer staying at the (Tsim Sha Tsui) Kowloon area. Budget is $250/night for this October trip. TIA :love:

    mods, sorry for bringin' back an old thread.
  12. I've been to Hong Kong three times, and each time I stayed at the Kowloon Hotel (the Chinese name is 九龍酒店). Here's the website:

    I'm not sure what currency that $250 is in, but if it's USD, then it should be within your budget. I recommend getting a hotel + airplane ticket package. EVA Airlines has a good one that I used all three times when I went to Hong Kong. (You could also call Chinese travel agencies if there are any in your area.)
  13. This thread is great! I'll be going to HK in a few weeks and my cousin wants to take me to Macau. What is the shopping like there? Should I just stick to buying things in HK?
  14. Travel light, don't bring kids and carry lots of $$$$$$$, that'll do it!:jammin: