Tips for toned or flat abs?

  1. Does anyone have a tips for flat or toned abs? I know I need some help. I'm not sure about any of you ladies out there. :P :biggrin:
  2. Pilates?
  3. bread makes my tummy look like a dome so do fizzy drinks, both of which I cut out of my eating plan now.
  4. Crunches.. lots and lots of crunches. I tried cutting down on stuff, but nothing worked like crunches.
  5. Sit-ups, crunchs, leg-raises... But if you have a lot of "tummy fat" chances are you wouldn't be able to see a six-pack even if it were there. In that case, the first thing you need to do is lots of cardio to get rid of the layer of fat that's covering the ab muscles:idea:
  6. Maybe take up a belly dancing that's the only thing I can thing of right now..
  7. For me I am normal/thin, except for my stomache, and im really athletic. I do lots of sports but dont really do things like sit-ups. I guess ill have to start now!!! Thanks :biggrin:
  8. My secret weapon: Classical Stretch's Arms & Abs + Legs & Butt DVD

    The abs workout is only ten minutes long, so I do it every other day. I got visible results within the first month. I've been doing it for about a year and a half now, and my abs are my second favorite feature. :smile:
  9. doing lot's of crunches and leg raises will build your abdominal muscle but you MUST do cardio workouts (running, biking....) in order to burn the layer of fat that is covering your abs in order for the abs to be visible
  10. SO true.

    One could have Gisele abs, but under 2" of fat, they will never show their glorious selves. Cardio, cardio, cardio!
  11. Thanks everyone! When I woke up this morning I did 50 crunches!! I tried it again today and I got up to 60. About how many should I do per day?
  12. I do 150...I worked up to that...trying to get to 200...mind you my abs are always new favorite ab exercise is with a 15 or 20 lb ball held between my knees and then one in my hands..I lift up towards the sky eyes on the ceiling...after a few sets of those...I then sit half way up and rotate side to side touching the ball on each side (wokring the side of my abs) its hurts like a mutha...but man...the results...
  13. Good for you! You might want to also do some side cruches (for your waist) and leg raises (for the lower abs) to work the different parts of your abs. I'd say around 200. I once did 500 a day but couldn't see anything because of the fat:crybaby:
  14. I'd say a mix of cardio and a good ab workout with give the best results. Cardio because in order to see your ab muscles you need to shed the fat. I've tried numerous ab workouts and haven't found one that I think ultimately works. I read and have been told by my previous personal trainer that you can't spot train, which I hate because when I do major cardio my two favorite assets shrink (bood and bootie).

    Try the ab section in the book 6 weeks to a hollywood body (I know it sounds really cheesy). You'll need to buy a balance bal (I think that's what they are called). If you don't want to by the actual book PM me and I can make copies of that section from my book. I've also tried the firms 5 day abs which I also try to incorporate.

    Hope this helps :yes:
  15. If Im not kicking butt in the gym doing cardio Im SURE not going to abs...they go hand and hand for me...dont you all agree???