Tips for Seling LV on Ebay?

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  1. #1 Nov 30, 2006
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 1, 2012
    Hi Ladies!

    I want to sell my LV bag on ebay and was just wondering if you have any tips on the types of pics I should have to show authenticity?

    Any other tips for selling LV's would be greatly appreciated.:flowers:

    A reminder that selling/buying/trading here is not permitted
  2. As many pictures as you can load onto Ebay is the best advice. I also usually write why I'm selling and as much history as I can about a piece. Hope that helps you out...Good luck.
  3. ^^^yup:yes: ^^^^ I just sold my first LV BH on ebay...
    I was so afraid it would be taken down because I'm new,
    but I gave detailed history and detailed description on the bag
    and used up as much photo allowed.
    It went well!
    Goodluck on yours!!!:smile:
  4. Take as many pictures as possible (make sure to include date stamp,etc) and make sure you are as detailed and accurate as possible on your description so people who are looking at your auction know exactly the condition of the bag. Good luck:smile:
  5. Hi dear :smile:

    As many pics can b expensive however any experience LV buyer will know what 2 look 4 if u have these pics. If u tell me the bag u might b selling will help but this should suffice.

    1. Clear close up frontal view
    2. Back View
    3. Clear side showing symmetry joined and sewned etc
    4. Bottom is important. Only auth LV bags will have a clear symmetry on both sides
    5. Show any markings/ water marks etc or specify if u have any & their location.
    6. Also if u have used it for a while depending on your bag if monograms then obviously it will have a patina but ya pic should reflect that
    7. In 1 pic u should show your dust bag, any tags u kept that specify model # etc & if u still have the reciept (with ya details blank)

    This is enough for any LV collector. Also becareful dear as if u state money back guarantee be very careful.

    If it is a highly expensive bag be cautious as there are nightmare cases in which buyers will swap your authentic bag for a fake when they send it back.

    State SPECIFICALLY that u will ONLY give money back guarantee if found unauthentic by LV manager however u need written by The is rare but being a newbie has risks I just thought I'd let u know :smile:
  6. Can I ask a question?
    How can some people sell loads of lv bags on ebay cheaper than going into lv shop ?
  7. I don't talk much about my items, i just take LOTS OF BIG PICTURES. A picture of every view, every corner, and whatever small "flaw" there is (I'm super picky). I make sure to point everything out. But don't forget to include your return policy. I always do a NO RETURN because for sure i'm not selling a fake item, and definitely cause I don't want any bait & switches.
  8. thanks Ladies. I followed all of you advice. My bag is up now and is doing well:yahoo:
  9. cool wish you the best :smile:
  10. i see that this is an old thread but id like to add to it;
    Please make sure that in the title and description you write the full word Louis Vuitton and not just L/V as it will breach ebay rules as its happenend to me and not realising this done it again and they suspended my a/c. on selling L/V.
    They are very strict on selling L/V items.
    So only when i emailed them they explained why. So now i know.
    Provide pics that are required by the purse forum for authentication clear close ups of the date code, l/v stamp, The heatstamp, the zip pulls, the front and back of the bag, the screws if there are any(purses) is very helpful and saves time. Receipts,care cards original dust bags and a detailed description with the serial no written in the description is also needed as advised by ebay to me.
  11. Wow, I had no idea about the abbreviation! Did eBay tell you why this was against their policy?
  12. #12 Sep 1, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2012
    The brand name has to be in full otherwise it could be classified as a fake item by them.
    The same with Mulberry i missed it out on one of my actions in the title and it breached ebay rules as well
    Also u cant say like Mulberry or like Louis Vuitton in describing another bag.
  13. Ah, got it! I know about the "like" part. That falls under the "misusing a brand name" category. Sellers aren't allowed to use brand names other than the ones that manufactured the item.
  14. if anyone is unsure about selling any louis vuitton item my advice is to send ebay an email asking for advice as they are extra strict on this brand beacause (louis vuitton themselves dont want their goods to be resold i was told even if they are originals) ebay are very helpful and explain everything fully. it really helps sellers to get it right. My a/c now is suspended until Dec on selling any louis vuitton as i was unaware of this (not that i have any more to sell anyway) When they will review it again once i send them an email.
    Fingers crossed eh;)
  15. Because they are fakes?