Tips for SAs

  1. Another post made me think about this - I just ordered a discontinuted style from my local Coach store. I had been looking around for the Hippie bag and since I look like a discheveled Mom with two small boys in most Coach SAs ignored me, gave me snooty looks, or just asked if I needed help but did not try to go out of their way. They all seem to think I am just looking.
    Only one SA looked past my appearance and offered to help in a very nice manner. She made the $400 sale. I know some people spend much more but I am loyal and will go to this girl for all my future purchases.

    Just goes to show you cant judge custemers by appearance.
  2. Ugh, that is sooo stupid! I'm sorry you had to deal with it. If you didn't feel like mentioning anything to the manager just tell your SA that you are coming back just to her because she treated you decently the first time! Kind of a positive reinforcement, and she might mention it to her fellow SAs. I know that last night I had very good service at a Japanese Steak House from the chef I frequent and I told him so, after asking for his name so I could request him in the future.

    But I will never understand this mentality of judging people just on how they are dressed. I had a guy dressed very casually just getting some repairs and on a whim purchased a $500 watch. In my classes we learn about not pre-judging, because really in today's age you can't always tell who has money based on how they are dressed.
  3. I totally understand. I get these looks all the time. I am a loyal Coach fan and I dress very casual all the time. I am always wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Especially when I am out shopping. My local Dillard's (really the only major store here) SA's use to treat me this way until one day I plopped down the cc and bought around $500.00 worth of stuff. Not much $, but they at least woke up to realize I was not just a looker, but also a buyer! It sucks that they think I cannot afford anything by the way I dress! I am comfortable in my casual attire. I am a SAHM so it just makes sense to wear comfortable clothes.
  4. I'm very lucky that my SAs at my store are nice and treat me well, even when I'm very casually dressed and with kids in tow. Any time I've had an SA be rude to me, I just refuse to give that person the sale. To me, being judged by how I dress tells me that this person may be more shallow than a baby pool.

    Not interested.

    Side note: Many years ago, I had a gentlemen who had an appointment in our offices and was very scruffy looking---old jeans, flip flops, etc. He wanted to see some of the equipment we had. I spent several hours giving him demonstrations, answering questions, etc.

    He ordered $60,000 worth of equipment on the spot and was one of the best clients I had ever had in terms of kindness and reputation.

    You just never know. Some of the most wonderful people you'll ever meet don't fit the narrow 'this is what you should look like' box. And thank goodness for that!:tup:
  5. Many millionaires dress way down, drive simple cars, don't wear flashy jewelry, etc. That's how they became millionaires in the first place!! So you never know. ;)
  6. I have had the same experience, but I usually dress up when I go shopping. Please don't laugh, but I do. The nicest SAs were in Macy's, but I had a wonderful experience with another boutique on Manhattan's West Side. They were so gracious to whomever walked through the door. The flip side of this: I once went to Macy's after church, so I was decked out in church attire. I needed special shoes. The SA came out with five boxes of shoes for me and was trying to get me to buy all five! In the meantime, she totally ignored one woman in sweats, who sat for a half hour and then went into Brooklynese-laced tirade. I kid you not. Well, I only bought one pair of shoes, because I was on a budget and also was angry and saddened by how that woman was treated. BTW, it was a rainy ,nasty day and you probably would wear grub clothes. (I couldn't wear those to church).
  7. I had a similar experience in an outlet. I walked in with my dh and 4 kids. Poor things didn't know what to do with themselves so followed me around the store like ducklings! The SAs totally ignored me. I then asked dh if he wouldn't be more comfortable waiting outside the store with the kids while I finished looking. He was grateful for the suggestion! After I was alone, one SA commented on my white Ali and I became the star of the store! They even took the time to point out the large blue suede Carly that was sitting alone on a shelf that was well over the $500 mark! I didn't purchase anything in that store. I hate being treated that way and even worse, I hate seeing other people treated that way. I'm especially sensitive about mothers with young children.
  8. Oh trust me, I do not prejudge! I think I would be the last person to do so, because I am treated horribly in stores quite often due to my appearance and it's a shame because most of those stores make commission and I'm not going to work for them to make money.
  9. I am sorry to hear that happened. I am very lucky that the SA's at my outlet are great! I was there the other day with my 4 year old daughter and just about all of them came right up to me and asked if I needed any help and most of them even took some time to talk to my daughter. They are so kind there (Lincoln City, Oregon outlet)!
  10. that is sad. i hate it when i get treated that way too. i am a sahm and don't really care to dress up but will spend $$. same incident for me at dillards. oh well..
  11. That's very true! We sometimes have some people here who have lots of bling and flash--expensive cars, latest new,new thing...but we have a saying for that here in Texas...

    "Big Hat. No Cattle.":p
  12. LMAO at "Big Hat. No Cattle."......too funny!!

    Although it's never really happened at Coach, I have been "ignored" probably because of how I was dressed. On my off days I see no point in getting dressed up so I'll usually just put on a t-shirt and jeans or sweats....nothing dirty or ripped though because I would never leave the house looking like that anyway. On those days it's a 50/50 chance that I'll receive outstanding service. I have noticed that I have a better chance of getting better service if I'm dressed nicely. A lot of people are just in the wrong job period and shouldn't be working in a customer service dominant industry.
  13. MANY years ago when I was newly back into working after my divorce I had a boss who was training me for a new job. The one thing he taught me was this:

    "Always treat people with care and respect, because one of those people may end up being your future boss and they will remember you"

    So true. I had an SA at Macys that always treated me like crap. Well, 2 years ago she walked into my office and applied for a receptionist job. I interviewed her and she was just as nice as can be.

    I pretty much told her she would NOT be hired, because if she treated any of MY customer and clients like how she treated me over a 2 year period, I would have to fire her. I enjoyed telling this snotty young girl this. Hopefully she learned a lesson.
  14. My husband and I had the same experience while shopping for my engagement ring. We went to one jewelry store in the mall. (my husband was still in his work clothes by the way, he is a machinist) They wouldn't even come over to the counter to help us. 3 sales people! So we said forget it! Went to the jewelry store right across from them. They were soooo nice!! Showed me everything, let me try on the really BIG rocks, even though they knew I wouldn't be buying one. Made it a fun experience for us. We bought my ring that day! I took the receipt over to the store we were snubbed in, and showed it to the store clerks... I asked them what kind of commission they would have made on that sale. Then walked away, I haven't bought jewelry from anyone else since... we are faithfull to those who treat us right!
  15. i am so lucky that the sa's at my local coach store are sooo nice!! my favorite sa is lily i love her! she was so helpful right from the time we first walked in the door. i was with my fiancee and my baby son. every time i go in there everyone is very helpful and they talk to my baby and make him laugh lol... they make it very pleasant to shop there which is why every time i go in there i come out with a new purse lol!!