tips for removing denim dye from your leather bag?


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Sep 2, 2007
Los Angeles
after buying brown, black, and other dark bags time after time, i am really starting to love light and bright colors. i am deathly afraid of my denim getting it all dirty though, i wear a lot of dark jeans. is there a general way of removing it? i know it varies form leather to leather.

i have heard different things: applegard, mr clean eraser, regular rubber eraser, soap/water for linea pelle...what really works for denim? thanks!
I think you can protect your bag with applegaurd and the likes, but once the color transfers I think getting it off can be difficult if not impossible. One rule of thumb is to make sure your clothing has been washed before carrying your bag.


Dec 14, 2007
Alexandria, VA
I had problems with a soft leather Shih I had been carrying. Someone here had suggested Maguiers leather cleaner/conditioner (sold in automotive departments) and I had their leather cleaner wipes already, and tried those. It was a bit scary to watch how dark the leather got when I scrubbed it a bit, but it dried beautifully (overnight) with no residue and no sign of the denim transfer.

Since dark denim has dye transfer issues for a long time, I think the key is checking your bag every couple of days and keeping after any discoloration before it gets too ground in by contact.


Jan 19, 2006
Treat it first.... and if you n otice that you're getting dye transfer, make sure to clean it as soon as absolutely possible for best results. Remember, the problem is with your jeans.. not the bag.