Tips for New York shopping for a wannabe Mulberrette?

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to the forum and want to get my first Mulberry (sooo excited!) :nuts: My husband and I are going to New York next week and I was wondering if any of you have bought from the stores there (I'm in London)? I've saved up for the Bayswater (in Oak I think?) Is is worth buying from the US in terms of cost/services etc, or shall I just buy here? And does anyone know about the taxes bringing it back through customs? (I noticed the duty free limits were pretty damn low!!)

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere!

    Also what do you guys love about Mulberry bags - I try to explain it to my friends (and my husband), but they just don't seem to get it?!

    Thanks for your help.
  2. The exchange rate is good at the moment for us Brits but I would check out the price over there as it may well be more expensive. There are Mulberry stores - think they're on Madison Ave and Bleeker St but you might want to check that.
    It may well be that it would cost you more to buy over there as Mulberry is an import to the US. Technically you'd also have to pay duty as your allowance is goods upto £140, I think.
    I don't know if you'd consider buying from the outlets or factory shop. You'd get around 30-50 per cent off the RRP. They usually have Bayswaters in although oak is a popular colour.
    Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks Sarajane.

    Yea I noticed that the Oak was popular (from browsing this site!), so although I'm quite happy to try the factory outlets, I'm not expecting them to have what I want anytime soon! Just wondered wondered what the price comparison was like over there as we're are going anyway.

  4. As Sarajane has more than adequately covered the rest,I can get poetic!! For me they are a brilliantly made bag that gives off a real understated style, they are not really 'it' bags which is really cool,as they always stay looking good and go on for seasons rather than just one.They have a nice effortless style about them which coupled with the quality of the leather makes them a really good buy as they really can go on for ages and ages without you feeling embarassed to carry one!xxxxxEnjoy your shopping,and the number one rule on this site is that you post pics and share!!!!xxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Mmmm...Spoken like a true Mulberry lover. Can't wait to join the club! Will def be posting pics!xx
  6. The retail price for a (Darwin) Bayswater here in the US is USD $995.00 (and I'm not sure about the tax percentage in NYC). As suggested, you may want to contact one of the NYC stores to ask them about availability and price....but then, there's the duty thing to consider.
    Believe it or not, I bought my Bays in London - and after the removal of VAT and paying no Duty on the bag, it was a bit less expensive than buying in the US, though I would have never seen this bag IRL in purple leather!
    Good luck.

    Oh yes, why is Mulberry special? Compared to other "luxury" brand bags out there - the value and quality for a Mulberry is unsurpassed relative to leather, style and potential longevity of their bags. Esp. the Bayswater, it's an updated classic style that will stand the test of time. It will transcend "fads" of each year and you can dress it up or down. It adds flair and elegance and doesn't "SCREAM". Each bag made has it's own character since the leather is such an integral part of the yes, it would be nice to have several to choose from. Hope is all works out for you. Keep us posted!
  7. You can probably get a better buy in UK, but part of the fun of traveling is shopping!! Hope you get the Oak Bayswater!! I want that bag, too! Have a great trip to NYC!!!!
  8. I was just in New York recently, and bought two Mulberrys at the Mulberry shop on Madison Ave. Good selection. Nice sales associates. Bayswater is $995 USD with 8.375% tax. But if I lived in London, I would buy over there! Go to the outlets, you lucky gal!, and pick yourself up home grown Mulberry!
  9. Was just in NYC. I was planning on buying a bag but didn't find anything that really spoke to me. Ended up buying different accesories- key rings, picture frames and other small trinkets.

    They were all on sale, which doesn't happen very often. Enjoy the Madison shop. They were extremely helpful.
  10. Thanks for all your advice! I will have a look at the Madison Ave (and is there a Bleecker St?) shops when we go next week. I called the Revune 'helpline' - not that helpful - and they suggest that I'd get slapped with another 9% duty plus VAT on whatever I pay for it in the US!! I think it may well be safer to buy in London. I don't want my trip ruined by getting slapped with a customs bill on the way home!

  11. Where are you flying from - you may be able to get a good deal at the airport!
  12. Ooh didn't hink of that! From Heathrow- T3 or T4 - can't remember which - list shops at both. Has anyone been there?
  13. No I haven't but must be cheaper!!!
  14. Thanks. Will look.
  15. Susan - I think the outlets will be cheaper than the airport shop as you'll get a 30-50 per cent discount. They also start their sales on Jan 27 so you might want to think about waiting till then to snap up a bargain. The outlets do tend to have Bayswater in all the time but you have to check what colours they have.
    The US price is def more expensive than here and then you've got the duty as well. Snap up Clinique lippies instead as they are cheaper over there!
    Don't miss Century 21 - it is right opposite Ground Zero and is a huge building crammed with discounted designer bargains. It's well worth a visit.
    I love NY, have a fantastic time!!