Tips for me please

  1. Hello Im new to Prada, Can anyone answer my questions please. TIA :flowers:

    1. How much did the Prada messenger Nylon bags retail for ?

    2. Tips for spotting a fake one

    3. Do all prada bags have a date code ?

    4. Any other info on prada please

    Thankyou everyone :jammin: :flowers: :smile:
  2. Nylons all run different..They are usually 400-900 ish but it depends on the design and what collection its from

    Nylos are hard as heck to tell the fakes apart from..Post pics in AUTH this..thats the best way to tell..LOL..Gotta see it..
  3. Thankyou so much Jill :nuts: You've been such a help to me ever since ive joined TPF, I really appreciate you :flowers:
  4. I have a nylon messenger that I got at Saks. It was $650 before tax. Mine's does not have a date code. I've seen fakes of it on eBay and they look identical.. kinda scary.