Tips for getting pregnant?

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  1. Does anyone have any advice on trying to conceive? It's been almost 3 years now, and we've tried several things to get pregnant. His sperm count is average, and I'm able to get pregnant. My testosterone is a little high, but it shouldn't affect pregnancy. My stress levels have decreased since last year, so I'm not sure what is wrong. We are going to keep trying and I'm not in a hurry yet. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this, or has any advice about this?
  2. There is a whole bunch of threads in the TTC. Many of the ladies have answers and question in that particular column..
  3. Do it every other day. Put a pillow under your butt afterword for 15 mins.

    Good luck!
  4. Thank you kcf68, didn't know that.

    I'll keep trying the pillow way more often, thanks!
  5. just wanted to send good luck vibes! :smile:
  6. Yeah we did the pillow under butt too and it worked for us!
    Also I used the ovulation predictor kits, basal body temperature and my dh took extra vitamins suggested by his urologist. To help improve his sperm count was he told to wear boxers, stop smoking, not drinking excessively and not to work with certain chemicals?
    All the best!
  7. I would definitely reference the TTC thread. Tons of info in there. I would also recommend you see a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Three years is a long time and it might be something easily diagnosed and fixed, like block tubes.

    Best of luck!
  8. preseed?
  9. TTC subforum was a wonderful resource for me.
    We conceived after getting Fertility Monitor and Preseed.
    I also read "Taking Care of your Fertility" book.

    Just like tabbyco said, I would encourage Reproductive Endocrinologist too if you have been trying for 3 years. Baby dust your way!
  10. Just wanted to wish you baby dust.

    I tried for 2 years to get pregnant. After 1 year I went to a RE. Was on Clomid for quite a while and had multiple tests. Had a mild case of PCOS but really it was unexplained infertility. By April 2009 I was ovulating on Clomid, no tubes blocked and husband had normal sperm. In September tried Follistim (injections) and over stimulated. Had to take a break but in late October we tried on a lower dose. November 22 I found out I was pregnant. So I am an example it will and can happen.
  11. Took me two years to get pregnant, had all the tests just unexplained infertility. We were both very fit and healthy, got very down every month, people always said when you stop thinking about it it will happen......easy to voice that opinion but at the time that advice only made me feel worse and angry at them!!!!!
    In the end i really had had enough, i went on holiday to see my family in England for a month ( no husband ) came back felt great, went white water rafting for 10 days and on my return found out i was pregnant!
    I wish you lots of baby dust, the best thing to do is just go and have fun :smile:
  12. Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor! Combine that with having sex every other day in your high fertility window (monitor will tell you which days), and lie there for 15 minutes afterward with your hips elevated a bit.
  13. I highly recommend the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler.
  14. We used ovulation predictor kits, but if you have been trying for 3 years it might be time for some intervention from a specialist. :hugs: Good luck.
  15. Thank you all, for all the support and tips!

    I had the HSG test, and my tubes aren't blocked. I need to follow up with him, he did an operation to get rid of possible endometreosis...I'll make an apointment Monday. He is very smart, but has no idea how to explain things, so I`ll ask tons of questions. We also take multi-vitamins, zinc, calc mag., omega, C, D, and I was taking folic acid perscribed.

    I really hope we still have a chance.