Tips for getting baby to take the bottle?

  1. Well, the fun is just about over. After being on leave for about 12 weeks I'll be returning back to work in mid-December. The problem is, my son has stopped taking the bottle!!! I had the same problem with my first-born and was finally able to get her to drink from the Breast Bottle and eventually Gerber Bottles. I've tried both with baby boy and still no luck. Does anyone have any tips? I am desperate!

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. :sad: I also had some problems getting Julia to take the bottle, but we started trying a little bit before I started classes to get her used to it...It took a while, but I think with some persistence and practice it'll be fine ;)
  3. Yes, I had a VERY hard time getting my daughter on the bottle before I returned to work. Just keep in mind that no baby has EVER starved herself just because she prefers the breast. Repeated exposure to bottles, experimenting with different bottles and nipples (I must've tried 2 dozen brands and types), and patience will eventually lead to the baby giving in. :smile: You may also want to try having the nanny or whichever daycare provider you've chosen give the bottle to the baby, as babies often refuse to take it from mom or dad.

    My first 3-4 days back at work were heart-breaking as my daughter refused the bottle ALL DAY and then nursed like there was no tomorrow when I got home. By day 5, I was ready to quit my job. However, after about a week, she learned that momma was not going to suddenly materialize anymore and she had better take that bottle! Hang in there, everything will work out!
  4. Thank you Kristy!!!! We bought every bottle on the market with my daughter and were successful in getting her to take it before going back to work. My son, however, is a mamma's boy and loves the boobies. I just wanted to make sure that if he does wait for me to come home he'll be okay. I hope it won't come to that but if it does at least I have some peace of mind.

    Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I have 3 more weeks to get him on the bottle.
  5. Do not be the one to give him the bottle and do not be in the room when the bottle is given. A baby will refuse the bottle if he/she knows the real thing is close by! have your hubby give it to him or anyone else and you leave the room. don't even be in the room when hubby or whomever walks in with the bottle.

    And, yes, try all different brands until you find one with a nipple he likes.