Tips for food shopping at a Chinese grocery store?

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  1. OK-I am hoping some of our Chinese members can help me out here. I went into the most fantastic Chinese supermarket last night that is in the heart of Brooklyn Chinatown. i love trying new foods/snacks and really enjoyed looking through the aisles-though, i couldn't figure out what most of the things were!

    Can anyone tell me a snack or candy or cookie that i could buy next time I am there? There were so many choices in that aisle-i couldn't even begin to pick one. or, suggest some other food that i can only get there? thanks!
  2. I always pick up these little roundish brown balls in a package & they have red bean inside. They are usually individually wrapped inside the bag. So it's kind of like a sweet bean cake & it's really good with tea or just alone.

    If you have a Korean grocery store nearby, I can tell you lots of things to get. All I seem to do is buy snacks there. ;)
  3. Is it just Chinese food, or is it Asian food? If it's Asian food, look for Pocky (cookie sticks dipped in chocolate) and Ramune (little sodas with a marble on the top). Also, you may find little packages of chestnuts and those are usually very addictive.
  4. Well-the grocery store is in Chinatown,so, i am assuming it's all Chinese foods/snacks. but, i could be wrong.

    I am thinking I saw something there called Pocky, will look for it next time!.............
  5. How could I forget Pocky sticks? I love all of them except the chocolate dipped ones. At this one Japanese grocery store I even saw Giant Pocky sticks & when I say giant it was like 1 foot tall I believe :nuts:
  6. Oh, I think you mean mochi? Mochi ice cream is a bit expensive, but soooo good. Red bean popsicles are good. Pocky's always good. I like the dried peas that you snack on. Mmmm, I want some snacks now.
  7. I'm not sure if it's called Mochi but Mochi ice cream sounds good! I love those red bean popsicles too, not too sweet. On a hot summer day, I love getting the buckets of lychee cups & putting them in the fridge. (These are sold in a big plastic container & is basically jello like with jelly bits sometimes. Peel back the top & pop in your mouth) :p
  8. mochi, daifuku (though I believe those are largely Japanese?...), any sponge cakes, the lil marshmellows filled with fruit-filling, most bakery goods...not too familiar with any of the savory/salty goods though.
  9. Wasabi peas! Nishi, you have to try these. They're 'spicy' but not in the traditional way. Also, very low-cal good for you snack food.
  10. Pineapple cake is pretty famous, make sure you get those imported from Taiwan. Sesame and peanuts candy is good too, they've both crunchy and chewy type. I like fried crab chips and the Calbee hot & spicy chips, YUM.
  11. Oh man-some of these things sound soo good! thanks!
  12. The lychee cups also taste really good frozen :tup:
  13. omg the lychee cups frozen are amazing, but my favorite is PEACH (if you can find it). I grew up in Brooklyn and went to those supermarkets all the time, so cheap and so much variety. I suggest getting some longans (in a can, they're like lychees, but my opinion better), kiss flower candies (they're pastel colored, hard candies), pocky or the little koala cookies (filled with chocolate), frozen dumplings, shrimp chips... oh and the sauces, you should definitely experiment with those!! my faves include: ma po tofu sauce (just mix in with tofu and pork), oyster sauce (good with veggies like bok choy, chinese cabbage, etc.)... so many endless possibilities!
  14. rice crackers! i love those. and pocky! id suggest more but i cant remember the brands. oo white rabbit candies too. and if youre lucky you might have the black tea white rabbit that was really good too. ive only tried that once. i find in vancouver you cant find any. i tried it when i went to winnipeg.
  15. I love Asian grocery stores :heart:
    One of my favorite snacks are cracker nuts.
    They are coated peanuts that are flavoured. So good and salty!!!
    You should check out the condimanet section as well. Soy sauce, rice vinieger and chili pastes are usually very inexpensive at these markets. Rice too!
    I used to do all my regular shopping at Asian markets. Especially for produce.