Tips for dark jeans and preventing color transfer

  1. Anyone have any tips other than washing dark denim 2-3 times before wear? I just bought some gorgeous dark Hudson's and I don't want to risk getting dye on my shoes or bags.
  2. No tips.... but they definately DO transfer onto bags/shoes

    My poor white baby spy now has a bluish tinge on one side, I've got to try and wash it off with leather conditioner now :sad:
  3. I've never had a problem with color transfer for my two pairs of dark jeans: Blue Cult and M by MJ. They must have been pre-washed or something.
  4. no matter how many times i wash my dark wash jeans, the color still transfers to my lighter color bags... i feel so hopeless...
  5. ^^^
    This is really bizarre... what brand are your jeans? I have never had this problem.
  6. I have had some of my dark jeans that I had washed transfer onto a suede bag:cursing:
  7. ugh, I was actually gonna ask this question, too. My sevens and citizens ALWAYS do this! And not only onto my purses, but shoes and shirts, too.
  8. any suggestions on dye removal? I wore some new Williams Rast and got dye transfer on shoes- I noticed before too much damage- but still there is some transfer- and it is bothering me- is there anyhting I can do?
  9. Wow, I have been so lucky! I have never had this happen with my citizens. Now I'm going to be paranoid anytime I get new jeans.:p
  10. Suede bags really pick up dark dyes - I actually had my jeans ruin a bag one time -it was fuschia and they said they would ruin the color if they tried to clean it. Other than prewashing a few times, the only thing I can suggest is to spray your bags with something like Apple Garde - that might protect them. I wish I'd thought to do that with one of my MJ's - I noticed the other day a bit of color transfer - I'm sure from my dark denims. My medium dark wash denims don't seem to be so bad for this though.
  11. My cream Gustto baca bag was stained from transfer from my jeans. It doesn't seem to come out either, as it is that soft nubuck-type leather that really picks up denim dye (like suede). It is really frustrating, because I want to use my light color bags, they are the ones I am drawn to...but I love my dark jeans! I wish someone would invent a solution to this problem!
  12. I had this happen with a pair of Banana Rep jeans! My really cute beige/gray sneakers have blue marks now where the cuffs hit :sad: I'm so bummed.
  13. Why don't you guys wash them separately? Clothes of the same shade should be washed together - so that means you need to separate lights from darks. This will reduce the risk of staining your clothes and accessories.
  14. I've heard that washing them in a cold wash with white vinegar will 'seal' them. Never tried it myself though!
  15. ^ Cold water does help in preventing color stains. Not too sure about the vinegar though.