tips for curing bacne/chesne?

  1. I have a bit of acne on my back and on my chest, does anyone have any advice on how to cure it? thanks!
  2. Try something with salicylic acid in it. Benefit has a body wash that has some in it.
  3. edit: if this is an on-going problem & it really bothers you...

    I would book myself an appointment to see a dermatologist. They have great medication that you'll need to take for 6 months. Within that time, infact within no more than 2 weeks, you should see an improvement & by the end of the course, you'll be cured for life! (very rarely does one need to take this medication for another 6 months in future, so I'm told.) Definetly see a dermatologist! :yes:
  4. do they usually prescribe antibiotics or pills? my mom is super against that stuff and would probably never let me do that, but yes it's an ongoing problem!
  5. Proactiv makes a body wash too, I think.
  6. It is hardcore medication & you must keep up the course until the very end in order for it to totally work. I mest up my last course, because I wasn't taking them regularly as you're supposed to. I was very impressed with the results but took this for granted & 3 months after quitting the pills, my skin started to break out again (but nothing like before & this was probably down to them semi permanently worked) so I'm on the meds again. Honestly, I think it's the only way you'll get rid of it permanently, for life! There may be other options, depending on how bad you acne is.
    The dermatologist knows best. They specialise with skin disorders. :tup:
  7. a simple solution is:

    -a body was with salicylic acid (walmart and target have a great selection)
    - wash your bag using a loofa (sp?). it'll help scrub off the dead skin thats on your back. (or if you have an SO or someone, you should have them give it a gooood scrub for you)

    a lot of people dont think of this but you should mositurize your back too. with a body lotion that isnt oily, maybe something oil free. because dry skin causes irritation and break out.

    i read these tips from a seventeen mag article a few years back and my sister and i tried it out.. it works.
  8. If I sweat a lot or work outside, I will break out around my bra lines. I find that antibacterial soap- plain old Dial or the body wash helps to kill the bacteria that causes breakouts. Stuff w/ salicylic (sp) acid has never done anything for my skin though. Dermalogica makes a cleanser w/ an actibacterial that starts w/ a t- triclo something that works well too if your skin doesn't respond to the salicylic acid. Just put it on a body pouf or washcloth.
  9. I have this problem too...just recently. I started using cetaphil bar soap its worked wonders. Its anti bacterial bar soap.
  10. Make sure you shower after working out so you don't have clogged pores as a result of staying in sweaty workout gear/sportbras.

    I love all sorts of skincare products, but when I have a tough breakout I go back to my old school method of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. It's cheap and it works. I use baking soda and a little warm water as an exfoliator, and then hydrogen peroxide as a toner/astringent afterwards.
  11. I breakout if I spray perfume on my body. I can only wear it on my arms or legs. I can't even put it on my neck or I break out. Try washing your clothes and linens in detergent for babys or dye/frangrence free for sensitive skin.
  12. I use the Murad Clarifying Body Spray and Murad Acne Body Wash. I also just dab on Clean & Clear Persagel if there's any stubborn breakouts.
  13. Instead of using body wash on those areas, I used to use an anti-acne face wash and it worked great! I still occasionally get pimples on my back (near my shoulders) but not that often :smile:
  14. i used to have this problem while i was going through my teen years..what worked best for me was to shower and scrub on those spots that tend to break out and then every night before bed i would use Neutrogena On-The-Spot acne cream on those areas. it worked pretty good for me and i still use it sometimes when i get breakout.

    another note, if you're going to use the acne cream, make sure you wear a white t-shirt to bed since the cream will do some bleaching to your darker clothes.

    clean bed sheets also help with curing acne

  15. Can you convince her to talk to a doctor? I think it would be highly beneficial to you.. I used to have bacne and I switched body washes to something clear (like Dial's body wash line) rather than the creamy soaps. It helped but I don't know if it was that or some other factor that cleared up the bacne.