Tips for Cleaning?

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  1. I have a Tokidoki Zucca Transporto bag. When i first got it, it was my primary bag and was used quite heavily for at least a year, if not longer. Now it's been in the closet for well over 1-2 years and i just took it out and it's a lot dirtier than i remember. Are there any good ways to clean this material? I turned it inside out to try to clean the inside, but more worried about the outside.

    I'm wanting to sell it but not sure anyone will want to buy a dirty toki bag! or at least not pay anything near what i want for it.
  2. I normally spot clean with regular clothes detergent and a gentle scrubber sponge, or use Boogie Wipes available from WalMart or Target under baby supplies section.
  3. Get the Clorox pen. It is DA BOMB at cleaning Toki LeSportsacs. I scrub down the fabric of my bag with it (I avoid the leather/zipper areas), wipe it off, then follow up with a Spot Shot (upholstery cleaner) wipedown. You can find the Clorox pen at Target and Spot Shot at Wal-Mart.

    Then I hit the fabric with a few coats of Scotchguard.
  4. thank you!!
  5. Along the same lines -
    I just bought a Tokidoki bag on Ebay, but it came from a smoking home and it REEKS! I seem to remember that these bags can't be put in the washing machine - am I correct? I tried airing it out, Febreeze, but did not work very well. Any other thoughts as to what I could do to get rid of the smell?

  6. try stuffing it with dryer sheets. i know that's a trick used to get smoke smell out of your hair and stuff.

    edit - put it in a sealable bag with dryer sheets
  7. So you pin dryer sheets on hair? :nuts:
  8. ^^ haha no, you rub the dryer sheets through your hair and it's suppose to get the smoke smell out!
  9. Thanks so much for the tip. That worked like a charm!

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