tips for changing bags quickly?

  1. Hi,
    I am a new bag addict and I found it difficult having to move from bag to bag every morning. I was wondering if people have tips about how they manage this?

    I tend to have a lot of work essentials. glasses, sunglasses, keys, makeup bag, umbrella, wallet. you get the picture. I was tempted to put everything in one inner bag and swap one inner bag to another, but then I found it is better to use the inner pocketks of each bag for phones etc. My current thinking is to have one light weight bag that I can slide into other larger bags. then delimma comes what if you are using a small bag that day and cannot fit the bag in..............

    what do you do to manage your bags?

    I also have storage problem now I have so many bags. it is hard to keep them in shape and not get squashed. bag lovers. help !:shrugs:
  2. Open your arms wide and embrace the prestigious and modern Sub-Purse lifestyle!
  3. I use wristlets to organize little things. I have 2 wristlets and a little makeup pouch in my bag at all times. When I switch purses all I have to transfer is my wallet, wristlets, cellphone and keys. That way I don't have to worry about forgetting all those little things. It keeps the inside of my bag looking nice too. I don't have to dig through random crap to find stuff.
  4. I use a purseket. It makes it sooo much easier when switching my bags. I love it!
  5. well, for storage i use a hanging canvas bag w different compartments or coach, clutches, louis, totes, etc (and everything is in its dustbag)

    i personally h8 things like purseket or chameleon or whatever
    y? bc none of my bags r the same size! i generally find if i m switching, it is from larger to smaller, or vv. i try to leave as much at work as possible: glasses, tylenol, lip gloss etc. means less to switch

    otherwise, i just dump everything onto the bed ans pile it in. also means u clean everything out so there is nothing unnecessary in ur bag. it takes me about 45 seconds!
  6. I am sorry, what is a purseket?
  7. Chameleon and Purseket are both popular bag organizers. I use a Purseket and love it! If you search for Chameleon and Purseket, you will find a lot of threads about them.

    For storage, I stuff them and keep them in their dustbags and line them up on shelves in my closet. If you search storage you will find a lot of threads about that too:yes:
  8. i keep all my little items (lipglosses, mirror, tissues, creams, lollies) all in a cute leather toiletries pouch (with 3 compartments) that is just the perfect size for my totes. and all that thats left loose is my wallet, keys, mobile and ndsl ;)
  9. my solution is the little nylon zippered pouches that come with lesportsac bags - they're the perfect size to hold makeup and other toiletries (plus they're nylon, so if something spills they're machine-washable) and the patterns are cute.

    or, you could just buy a bunch of everything - i have a zillion chapsticks, 5 pocket packs of tissues, a few different travel-sized lotions . . .
  10. I always dread changing bags...and then when I do, it goes so fast, I wonder what I was dreading. It is a good time to get rid of receipts, empty kleenex packs, etc. It literally takes 5 minutes or less, but for some reason I build it up in my mind...and then put it off... I really should do it more often. I like to think what bag I feel like changing to for a few days, and then I switch and it is such a delight to hold another one of my wonderful handbags.
  11. Here are my tips:
    1. I purchased an appropriately sized handbag organizer (purseket, chameleon, etc.) for each bag - usually that means 2 or 3 inserts for their collection for most folks. Keep in mind how much structure you may need for the bags in your collection
    2. I clean out my bag every day - it's painless and takes only a few minutes. I stay organized, the bag stays light, and I can remember where things are in each pocket/section
    3. I quit carrying so much stuff! I think a recent Real Simple article on the weight of handbags these days really hit home with me. My bags now weigh less than 5 lbs. - always. If my kids need snacks, there is a lunch kit in the car with non-perishables. Along with water bottle(s), toys/distractions, lotion, change of clothes for kids, etc. I carry the smallest version of everything (hand sanitizer, tissue, note pad, etc.), except for meds for my DS (epi pen jr., bottle of benedryl, spoon).

    My back thanks me and I can find things very quickly!
  12. I change bags almost everyday as well. I used to use a bag organizer- similar to the pursekeet but there are a few available here in Asia which I prefer (better organized with long pockets for long wallets/agendas, etc). When I get "tired" of the organizer, I use little pouches - 1 for cosmetics and another for small items like tissues, keys, hand gel, my checkbook, etc. My pen and my cellphone go into the pockets of my handbag. Takes only a couple of minutes to change bags provided I don't randomly stuff receipts and things in.
  13. For storing bags:
    I have a closet dedicated to my bags, with shelves of varying heights. The biggest is for bags that need to be stored standing up, others are for bags that can be stored flat. I also organize by size and function/style, so the least used (like my evening bags) are on the topmost level, etc.
  14. I had a set of three furla cosmetic cases that I used for small bits. e.g the lage one as for cosmetics, the medum one for phone and PDa and the small one for ID cards and keys. Swapping bags is quick, plus I don't leave anything behind

    Now I've swapped the large cosmetic case for a LV pochette and keep the other two.