Tips for Caring for your Burberry PVC

  1. Can you ladies please share any tips about things to avoid to minimize accidental/unnecessary damage to the PVC and/or to protect it? I'd love for my Burberry to last a long time & I'm sure a lot of you do too!
  2. Just be very careful with it. When you place it on a surface be sure the surface is clean to keep dirt away from it. Oh, and try not to scuff it! I've had my PVC shoulder bag for over a year and I found a few scuff marks around the bag. :cry: :crybaby:
  3. Oh no! That's horrible! I totally feel for you. Are you able to remove it at all?

    There is just the tinest, faint brown spot near the bottom of my Burberry. I've tried using a q-tip with a bit of rubbing alcohol & the Mr.Clean magic eraser, but none of those worked. I've read that using soapy water to clean any stains on PVC is helpful too, but I haven't tried it.
    Someone in the Coach thread suggested spraying a bit of hairspray on a q-tip to remove pen & ink marks too.
  4. I got a few dark marks on my first Burberry until I found out why. If your purse is the coated canvas fabric, be careful how you carry it. Dark blue jeans and black jeans will leave "rub marks" on the coated canvas. The marks don't come off but they will lighten in time (i.e., it's been four years and I can still see the marks). Now I carry my purse higher.

    For general cleaning on the outside of the canvas, a salesperson in the Plano Texas store told me to use baby wipes. They work well.
  5. I can already see those marks and it's a brand new bag...:crybaby:
  6. great thread, thanks for posting!
  7. Has anyone tried spraying the Burberry PVC with a protectant spray (for vinyl materials)?
  8. i've had mine for less than 30 days and it looks like crap! i'm taking it back! i've never had a problem until now. i have a gucci, louie vuitton, christian dior, coach, dooney & bourke, etc,,,,,and never had a problem w/ them until this one! some fabric dye got onto it! and, it cannot be removed!
  9. my bag's not even a year old yet, and it already has this problem!!! :cursing::censor:
  10. Yep, the pvc is very hard to keep, specially when jeans rub off on it. Not sure about a coat for vinyl??
  11. mine is done! I paid $35 for cleaning in their store. They called me today and said they tried everything and nothing works.
  12. juts wondering, is candy check (pink) coated canvas or pvc? :sad: i have what looks like dark stains on the side maybe from jeans. I tried magic eraser, soapy water with a toothbrush, baby wipes... nothing seems to work :sad:
  13. And they still charged you for $35?? Maybe should give u store credit or something if it's not bought a long time ago.
  14. I usually see PVC on the Burberry website for the pink ones.

    Hm... did someone suggest white cold cream before? I can't quite remember where I heard that one. I haven't tried it but it stuck in my mind cuz I was trying to think what type of cold cream brand would work best. :smile:
  15. I have a canvas tote and I made a clear plastic cover for it that attaches with black ribbons to the handles. It keeps my bag pretty and safe. :smile:

    (the cat is there for size comparison and cause she was curious)