Tips for buying on E-bay

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  1. Ok guys and gals, everyone pull together and help me out, Please!
    I have been eyeing a lot of stuff on e-bay lately, but I REFUSE to buy fakes. I have yet to buy anything on e-bay because I don't know enough to keep from being suckered into anything. I would hate to buy something and later realize that I have contributed to the folks who make and sell fakes. So what should I know before buying? How do you spot a fake? What do I look for to make sure it is authentic?
  2. hello!..
    umm this is what i usually check for..
    1.Material (check if it looks "cheap" or non symetrical quilting)
    3. The CC symbol (align or looks "right")
    4. Seller feedback and especially WHAT THEY HAVE SOLD BEFORE>...(ALOT OF SELLERS WILL BUY AND SELL LITTLE STUFF DVD and SHIRTS and have like 100% on like 500 items and if u check what they've'll make you question there garantees and ask yourself why??

    ...Hope that will help!! goodluck to your bidding!!!
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  3. 1. ask for more pictures in addition to the ones on ebay.
    2. make sure the serial number, dust bag, hologram sticker and 3. authenticity cards match the style of the bag.
    see what other items the seller has for sale and had sold in the past.
    4. feebacks.
    5. return policy.
    6. guaranteed authentic or money back.
    7. definitely post it here for us to take a look.
    8. ask the seller where she originally purchased it.

    hope this helps, good luck.
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  4. I bought my first chanel on ebay and I studied a lot of chanel before hand. I also checked back to see what other bags they had sold in the past. My seller had sold LV and balenciaga which I recognized as real. anyway, my bag is beautiful and authentic and the seller has lots of chanel and his user name is qbhype. You can also email and ask for what you might be looking for becauses it sounds like they are a chanel consignment group in the LA area and get constant inventory which they check out thoroughly.
  5. wow! awesome!

    thanks for all the tips! im starting to do a bit of chanel research!
  6. Also look at the tags. For example, most can be spotted as a fake right away by the color of the tag. For example if you see a black chanel tag with the white lettering it is fake.

    Look for a real chanel tag (white) and compare to the other bags.
  7. Thanks for all the inputs! This information helps a lot when to filter all the fake Chanels on ebay!
  8. Thanks for all the tips!!! This thread is awesome!!!
  9. amazing thread.. lots of help!