Tips for buying on Bonanza?

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  1. Hello All!

    I would appreciate any tips that you for buying safely on Bonanza! I know how ebay works, but I have never purchased on Bonanza before. Is is like the "Wild West", or are there safeguards as a buyer if paying with PayPal? Any advice is welcome!
  2. I am marking this because I am hoping to make a purchase on there as well. I signed up for an account and forwarded all of my Ebay feedback as a seller to Bonanza. I'm not sure what else we are supposed to do, besides make offers and buy! I think you can go through Amazon or Paypal to purchase, but that might be dependent on the preferences of the seller. I am waiting to hear back about a bag that I would like to purchase, it's been about 24 hours since I contacted the seller, no response yet.
  3. a lot of people prefer bonanza over ebay as far as selling. lower fees. you are paypal protected when you buy through paypal, of course. a lot of fellow tpfers buy/sell there.
  4. I would be a buyer! There are beautiful bags there, but I have been hesitant to purchase. I need all the tips I can get! Thank You :idea: