TIPS for Burnished Leather Ergo Hobo Please!!!


Jul 20, 2010
Hi All,
I could use some advice on this one, I have searched the site and haven't found any answers to this. I just recieved a beautiful XL Camel Burnished Leather Ergo Hobo I bought on ebay yesterday. It arrived in absolutely FILTHY condition. The seller had indicated that she had recently paid to have it cleaned inside and out, but honestly I haven't ever seen a bag as filthy as this one! On top of this, some of the areas on the leather are dull and look as if some of the color has been removed, probably from the "cleaning" she gave it. Does anyone have any tips on cleaning and/or restoring the lustre to burnished leather? It's a beautiful bag despite it's conditon, and I'd like to bring her back to life! Thanks for any tips or advice :smile: