Tips For Auction Not Being Pulled

  1. Hi all,

    I am preparing to list a bunch of bags on eBay. Previously I've used eBay to buy my bags, and use it to sell other things.
    With all these VERO things going on what can I do to ensure my auction will not get pulled (or my account being suspended...since I have about 20 other auctions running for hubby)?

    I will be selling LV (if that matters). Some I have receipt...and others I don't. I have dustbags, boxes, and detailed pics.
    I was thinking of doing the whole 100% authenticity guaranteed and offering refund of $5.00 to winner if they show proof of authenticating via MyPoupette. Or something like that! I'll also be shipping items with security tag attached.

    What do you recommend?
    BTW...I have 99.3% feedback and have been a member for 6+ years (in case that matters to eBay).

  2. I sell on eBay too (a lot of LV) & recently I had something pulled because I described it as "Like New". If your listing gets pulled you get all your listing fees back, it just sucks because you have to completely relist it. The whole thing is deleted.

    I think they didn't like "like new" because my guess is that they have some sort of electronic spam filter & they don't want LV & like in the same description. Because it could sound as though you were selling a fake..."this is LIKE a LV"... That's my guess anyway.

    I def. recommend doing the 100% authenticity money back guarantee! People also like it when you have all the original stuff that comes w/ it. Dustbag, box, tags, booklets, etc...

    I also state in my auctions that I am an honest seller & if my potential buyers are anything less than I am not interested in doing business w/ them.

    Some people also either attatch a security tag (to avoid a bag switch) or lie & say that the bag is secretly marked & therefor if the bag is returned for authenticity then the mark must be there. This might scare some potential scammers away.

    Good Luck!

    ******Oh! I just read that you were going to attatch a security tag, may I ask what you use? I would like to do this for my bags, but don't know what I can attatch that others can't easily copy. THANKS!
  3. don't use the word new anywhere in the listing if the bag is not new

    don't list any other desingner or copyrighted names in your listing anywhere (I also sell a, b, c, etc)

    don't copy pics or listing info from anyone else

    Those are the biggest things I see lately. Also take really good pics including and creeds, etc. That makes it easier to tell its real
  4. Having just been suspended over selling an authentic extra large jumbo bag, ( nightmare) how dare they accuse me when I have 130 positive feedback of authentic items

    anyhow I have been through a nighmare, they are suspending so many reputable sellers Ykio gorgeous authentic chanel, fashiontwogeter again lovely authentic chanel the list goes on

    I would let your husbands items sell first before listing any designer bags, I really think vero are out to get E bay big time
    and they are kicking of anyone they feel like they dont care about feedback they probarly dont even look at it

    I personally would sell your husbands items first before listing Designer handbags

    hope it goes well
  5. I'm not really sure if this helps, but I've never had a designer bag pulled.

    At the end of my listing I state in bold letters:

    VERO: Please do not pull my listing. This is 100% authentic and is my personal handbag. I have kept my receipt from XXXXXXXXXX. I only have this one. It is pre-owned.
  6. Thanks for the advice all!!!
    I was thinking about playing it safe and letting hubby's items finish on Sunday before listing these...just in case!
  7. Use your own pictures and don't use ANY stock pics from anywhere. Write your own description and do not borrow from Elux or :yes:
  8. I think its wise to let hubby listing finish first
    am sure it will be ok
    but they are suspending so many reputable sellers

    I hate being accused falsely and have written to them in uk head office legal in geneva etc, but dont hold any hope of being treated decently
    it was only a hobby for me so not a huge problem

    thats such good advice re the description to vero at the bottom
  9. I'm definetly going to wait until his listings end...and will take all of your advice and see what happens and keep my fingers crossed!