tips for applying nail polish ?

  1. I really have a hard time doing my´s never neat.
    I always go overboard and then try to wash my hands so what´s on the skin goes away, I never manage to get the right amount on the little brush, I´m right handed so doing the right hand is a fiasco, etc....
    when I look at the photos of some of your nails done, I´m like "how does she do it ??" so any tips ?
  2. 45 degree angle. Dip the brush into the polish and press it on the lip of the bottle once. Smooth the brush from base to tip and cover the nail in 3 strokes. Wait for 10mins (it's a little longer, but it works) and then apply the second coat. Don't forget base coat and top coat.
  3. I think its weird. I have friends who CANNOT apply nailpolish to save their lives. I think its about practice. Dont stress about getting it on your skin. Cleaning it off when your done is easier then worrying about doing it while your nails are wet. Just use a Qtip dipped in nailpolish remover to take it off the skin, after your nails are dry. :smile:
  4. Also practice with lighter colors first. Get the technique down. I have to admit I am great at applying polish but some darker colors, look like crap unless I am SUPER slow and careful.
  5. ^Oh thank you guys, Vogue great explanation !
    Selena, it's actually my dark colors that I have trouble with and as I only like deep red or the new black.....I am in trouble ! lol
    I'm going to practice right now.
  6. I always try and paint to leave a small gap between skin and nail at the side all the way round, I never paint right all over all of the nail, I think this is where you can make mistakes and paint on the skin. I use 3 strokes, middle first, then sides and try and make the paint near the cuticle squared off. This works even with dark polish for me!
  7. ^^ Excellent advice, I especially advise trying to leave a little gap ! :yes:
  8. i have hard time applying with my LH to my right hand fingers :sad: practiced alot already, doesnt seem to improve at all-_-
  9. Exactly. And the easiest way to do this is to place the brush on the nail and PUSH it up to where you only have a tiny gap. Then pull the brush down to the edge of the nail.
  10. I gave up on this, I can't polish my nails with dark colors at all.......I do find using a good cuticle cream and taking care to make sure your keep your hand moisturized helps when you do manicures, I use Sally Hansen hand products.
    But I am lost with the darker polishes so I just find it is so much easier to just get a manicure.
  11. Sally Hansen apricot cuticle cream is awesome, also smells delishy!
  12. Poshe or Seche Vite quick dry topcoat- base coat first on dry lotion free nails, then first coat of polish, wait 3-5 mins, then the second coat of polish, poshe or Seche Vite goes on about 2 mins after the second coat of polish and in a minute its dry to touch and totally dry in an hour.

  13. YES! I did. Today was the first time I polished my nails salon perfect. Thanks everyone for the great tips. Not getting too close to my skin made the biggest difference.
  14. I also read that swiping your nails with a cotton ball with nail polish remover before painting them helps the polish adhere better because it gets off the oil on your nails. Not sure if this really helps or not, but I do it now!
  15. ^ I do that too!

    I agree with the others; don't paint all the way down to your cuticle-- leave a little gap. Make sure you don't have too much paint on the brush and just paint slowly. Try to concentrate and hold the brush as still as possible. Also try to use only 3 strokes per nail, like the others said.

    The one thing I don't agree with is that you have to wait until it dries between coats. I apply thin coats of base and laquer one on top of the other, without waiting... The most important thing IMO is to wait until that last coat of color is dry before getting something on there to protect it. What I usually do is put cuticle oil or spray oil on it, and then I try not to touch anything for a whole hour. I've been using this stuff and I really like it:

    I don't usually put on the top coat until the next day and then I reapply it every other day or so...