Tips for a Chanel tote?

  1. I'm on the lookout for a new tote bag. I want something big, and simple. I LOVE the huge Biarritz, but I'm pretty sure i saw one inside my NM, but it wasnt crocodile, it was regular leather or some other fabric, but it was all black.

    Anyways, if any of you could give me some suggestions to look into or some pictures of some big chanel totes that would be greeeat! thankkk you!
  2. Hm, Im enjoying my cerf tote. I dont know how big you're looking for, but this has several compartments and the leather is TDF. I have a brown one as well.

  3. completely ot, but hello you! and where have you been hiding?? i miss your fotd's!!



    omg, its been forever! yeah, i just haven't been doing makeup and stuff lately. but i think im going to start to. I still lurk around specktra when i want info of a new collection though!

    good to seeee you here though!


    now back on topic:

    i was looking at the Chanel Coco Cabas as a tote, what would you guys say about its availability, right now? Since, wasnt it introduced last year?
  5. cerf tote is def a good choice!!
  6. I have the cerf tote too and I definitely recommend it! It's so chic and luxurious.
  7. have you seen the new expandable tote? it's under the trunk show thread by chanelboy in the shopping section.
  8. awww, the thing is that i've looked up the cerf and its waaaaay too small. the expandable tote is nice, but from what i saw in that port, i like the sharpey better. hmmm...

    when i mean i want it big, i want it BIG. like i said, the Biarritz, or the big Cabas. I've heard they're releasing a new cabas for fall, with patent and reg. leather, but i havent seen any pictures yet. though it sounds interesting.
  9. ^^ I love this bag! But it wasn't big enough for me.

    The Sharpey was a better size and I'm waiting for the Cabas to come back. I love huge bags too!
  10. I love big bags too, but damn you guys like them huge! The Cerf is big! lol.
  11. OMG Lucci, I love your Cerf! It has some slouch which makes it so much prettier than the stiffer photos posted. Do they break in with use? I had the dark brown on order last year and changed my mind. Wish I didn't!
  12. how about a modern chain tote, it's bigger than the cerf I think....
  13. GST... Cute but a bit heavy for me but I think it would do very good on you! :biggrin: