Tips for a C section??

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am going to have a :confused1: C section in March and scared to death... I need to know some tips for delivery and recovery... Please calm my fears with your neat tips...

    Thank you!!
  2. hi! i had a c-section when i had my firstborn. don't worry about it too much. i'm sure you'll be just fine. the delivery itself would be a breeze. you'll be given epidural... therefore, you won't really feel a thing. but i must say that the recovery part is a bit painful. but it would only take 2-3weeks and it would be best if your SO can help you take care of the baby during that time. can't be too graphic about the details but feel free to pm me if you have more questions. would sure love to be of help....
  3. Hi. I was in the same position a few months ago and posted the following thread. Thanks to the wonderful ladies who responded, I felt much better and prepared going into my c section.

    Mine was a piece of cake - I am not promoting it or saying yours will be the same but keep in mind c sections are the most commonly performed surgery in the US so the doctors are very skilled.

    As far as tips go ... talk to your OB about the surgery. And also talk to the anesthesiologist. Ask him/her what kind of pain medications will be used during and after the surgery. I got a spinal block and I did not feel a thing, not even the tiny needle going in. Ask for the catheter to be put in after the pain medication is administered - your hospital may already do this but it's always a good idea to make sure. During the surgery, try to relax and talk to your SO if he is allowed in there. If your doctors play music in the OR see if they can play your choice - I know it sounds silly but it really relaxed me and took my mind off of things a little.

    Afterwards, make sure you take the pain meds as prescribed. Talk to your OB. I switched to Motrin after a day and had no negative side effects, and I was off of it completely just a few days later. No pain, and no difficulty moving around, just a bit of soreness in the belly which made it hard to cough. Get up and move around as soon as you are allowed to, but take it slow at first.

    My recovery was very good, no complications, no pain. I hope yours will be the same!

    I found some websites that were very helpful, one of which was this

    Anyway, I can go on and on. Please feel free to PM me. Don't worry ... if I could give you only one advice it would be to keep in mind that compared to raising the baby, the delivery is nothing! ;)

    Good luck,and congratulations!
  4. I took Arnica (a homeopathic anti-inflammatory) before and after my c-section and it was AMAZING. My recovery was so easy. I was at the mall a week after my c-section. I also took the prescribed pain-killers (darvocet & motrin) for about a week so it's not to be used in place of those, just in conjunction with them.

    Really having a c-section was a breeze. They will give you something to calm you down and usually the OR is really relaxed and all the nurses were so friendly. It wasn't scary at all. Good luck!!!
  5. The Arnica is safe for the baby? Did you tell your doctor that you took that? I'm into homeopathic remedies?
  6. Whatever you do, don't try to be a martyr and not take pain meds after the surgery. With my first, I don't know what the heck I was thinking but I took pain meds one time and then spent the next couple weeks in agony. You will not get addicted and your recovery will be so much smoother! I was trying to be supermom and was afraid I'd be too gorked out to take care of my baby, but that doesn't happen! TAKE THE PAIN MEDS!!!
  7. My sister, who is a HUGE health nut and expert, recommended it to me and I know she wouldn't have if it could have been at all harmful (and she would know - she is truly an expert). I started taking it the night before my c-section and then for a week after. It's certainly a lot less potentially harmful than the opiates the hospital fills you full of. :throwup:
  8. I had a spinal versus an epidural. Talk to your anesthesiologist if you are at all sensitive to anesthesia. I told them I get violently ill from it and they put something in my IV to counter it, but it did not work. I was so sick from something minimal as ice chips. I was able to leave the hospital after two days. I'd say it took me a week to feel like I could walk straight and tall again.
  9. I have had three c-sections, and all went very smoothly. Honestly, the worst part of it was getting the IV! I did not read through this entire thread, so I am not sure if this was already mentioned...ask for a stool softener when you are in the hospital post me, you will be glad that you did!

    As for recovery, take it easy. The first one was the hardest, my recovery got easier with each one afterwards. I had full blown labor with the first, pushed for a really long time. He was too big (10 lbs), so that is why I had the c-section. The second one was because baby was again measuring big, so my OB and I agreed that it would be best so I would not have to go through the same ordeal as the first. The third was a given since I already had 2 c-sections.
  10. Thank you everyone! It is just I have had 3 natural births and now cause of medical issues, I have to have a C section. Your advice is very helpful...
  11. I have had two C sections, no problems but one thing I tell you to make sure your surgeon puts a drain in the wound after, I had this & no infection. However my mum had abdominal surgery last year & they didn't out a drain in & she got infection! Good luck you will be fine, honestly I was out & about in a week. Good luck! & ask for a bikini cut LOL no obvious abdominal scarring!
  12. Definitely agree with the stool softener advice! I also had full blown labor with mine and couldn't deliver because of his size and the fact that my hips didn't spread to full capacity. I had kind of a rough time with recovery, but what I can tell you is to follow the doctor's advice and take it easy!!! I tried to do far too much afterward and had some rather nasty consequences. I really wasn't prepared to have a c-section, though.

    You are going to do just great!:flowers:
  13. I had a c-section (baby was in breach position). Had an epidural and it was wonderful. The best advice I was given: when you get up to walk, take it slow and be sure to stand up straight (you'll want to "favor" your tummy & not stand all the way upright). It was great advice - worked for me and recovey was rather quick. Good luck to you and your new baby!
  14. Has anyone used a tummy band support after their C section? My friend got one and she said it really help with her after delivery.
  15. ^^Good Question! I bought one (haven't used yet because I am not due 'til May) and I am really curious if it worked.