Tips and tricks for staying on ban island?

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  1. Hi there-- as the subject line indicates, I'm trying to fight a strong urge to break a ban. The plan was to stay on ban until the fall items come in, BUT I'm lusting over the new acid yellow lining in the emilie wallet. I know it's not for everyone, but highlighter colors are my thing and LV has done very little in this range since graffiti. I've checked to find out if the color is permanent and my SA can't say for sure, but thinks only will be around for a few months. Ack!!!!

    It is easy for me to rationalize breaking the ban due to "limited," "special" circumstances, but I've done that so many times over the years and I just need to stop myself.

    How do I stop myself?????????????
  2. 1. Stay away from tPF
    2. Stay away from
  3. get off of here. stop looking at pictures of bags. don't look at the lv website. fairly simple. find a new hobby to take your mind off bags:smile:
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  4. Sounds so simple. Tough when it is my hobby. . I once stayed off of TPF for a couple of years. It "worked" so to speak, but when I came back, I binged and made up for lost time.

    Any ideas on a more moderate approach?
  5. Google pics or search pics of your current bags and ootd pics and get inspired to fall in love w/ your current bags and how awesome they are. Because a bag your not using, someone else is mad googling and lusting after. ~ XOXO
  6. I'm gonna be no help whatsoever!!
    I was on Ban Island for what 1 month? I don't even think I made it that long :biggrin:
    Ebay sent me a 20% off coupon!!!! Ummm how can I not use it to its fullest potential?
    I found the bag that I have been lusting for, which is a limited edition runway piece and saved around $770 off retail (including tax)! AHHHHHHHH
    I am running back to ban Island with my tail between my legs now, but happily coveting my new baby!
    In case you are wondering it was the Speedy Amazon Pm!!!

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  7. It will definitely help to stay off tpf and shopping sites :smile:. It sounds simple but can be hard. It takes some discipline to stay on the bag forums and not be tempted. It might help to find other things to do or even explore other forums in tpf. They can be quite entertaining and inspirational sometimes. It will get your mind off of shopping and learn about other people's general thoughts and life experiences. Another thought may be revisiting your closet and putting outfits together with your current collection which can be fun. You can do it! :smile:
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  8. You can try to concentrate on the items you are wishing to buy in fall. If I have a very specific item in mind and only focus on that, it sometimes helps. But its difficult, good luck! :smile:
  9. Stay off you tube too! Do not Google anything LV. I'm on ban island now after my last purchase. Got my TP 26 and Keepall b 45 on Friday. I'm at a state of contentment now- till the next cute thing comes out. Lol. Seriously though stay off anything to do with LV. Hope that helps.
  10. I find when I'm busy with work I tend not to go on tpf or lust after bags. Definitely limit or stay away from tpf! Don't stalk pre-loved sites or go on YouTube. Don't google LV or go to the boutique "just to look". No either. Don't pop into consignment or thrift shops! If I do any of those things, I find myself starting a wish list and eventually caving in.
  11. The only thing that really, really works for me is to stay off TPF. It's just too hard seeing the beautiful goodies! But I'm with you that I don't like that extreme.

    This is maybe a more extreme option too, but I have a charge card. As opposed to credit cards that let you carry a balance, the charge card doesn't permit the user to carry a balance month-to-month (technically you can, but there's a huge interest hit to discourage you). I don't know if you are like me, but I put bag purchases on a credit card due to greater purchase protection for high cost items. Having the charge card keeps me from making big impulse purchases because I need to have the money to pay the bag off within a month of buying it. However, this method doesn't work for SLGs because they're so "cheap" that I end up caving and snagging items, such as the sunglasses case that unexpectedly came available yesterday.
  12. I have to agree as sad as agreeing is. I notice that I do buy less when I am not on TPF or checking out yoogi's for example. I'm not even doing it on purpose but sometimes I just get preoccupied by other hobbies and it happens. Actually going through this now I have no If staying away completely isn't in the cards maybe limit yourself to a certain time(that way you are in control instead of checking on and off all day) where you browse only on TPF while keeping or any resale site strictly off limits.
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  13. Sorry you caved, but I understand. Hope you enjoy your PM. Luckily eBay has never sent me a coupon!
  14. You're so right. I need to use my own items!
  15. Thanks so much for the support (and for acknowledging that it is not easy)!