Tips and Tricks for Hiding your bags from PHH!

  1. I was reading Swanky's post about purse-hating-hubby going out of town so she could break in new Chanel and I almost died laughing because I know where she is coming from! I thought many of us here have PHHs and maybe we could share some tricks for how to sneak in our purchases!

    I'll start. I keep all my handbags I'm currently not using on top shelf in walk-in closet I share with PHH. I asked my PHH to take out all purses from one of the shelves because "I can't even remember what's up there anymore!" So he brings down about 12 bags and I had actually hidden my new Fendi Sellaria in with the bunch earlier in the day. As I'm doing inventory he says "Hey, I don't remember that one (meaning new Fendi)." I respond with "Yeah, don't you remember I got it when I went to HK two years ago and I must've forgot I had it!" Voila, new bag introduced to the fold!

    Sometimes I feel bad about sneaking my little purchases in but it's with my extra "cha-ching" money and I know he's spending a ton on his cars so that is how I rationalize it. He would never in a million years understand a $2000 handbag purchase but $2000 for new wheels - no problem!

    Any other confessions?
  2. Maxter, I do understand. I too do similar things to get my new purchases into the house without DH knowing about it.

    I even have my son in on it. If he's home, he'll hide anything from UPS for me. I just don't want to hear about why am I spending so much money on a bag. He doesn't understand why I spend $100 on a haircut either. But if you're on this forum, you probably do understand.

    I also sneak expensive suits in too. When I wear them, once in a while he'll say, I don't remember seeing that one before. I usually just say, it was in the back of my closet and I haven't worn in for a some time.

    I don't think he would mind me spending a $1000 for a bag if I only did it once a year or so. He would not understand several times in a year.
  3. I gave up a long time ago....his wrath is unavoidable...I just buy him stuff for his boat, car, etc....its all love....
  4. lol...that's funny how he didn't notice it being new at all. I guess I'm lucky in a way that my bf doesn't care much about me spending money on bags or shoes. He's very much into getting sporting goods autographed from players and spends a lot of money on them so when I tell him that I'm buying new bags, shoes...etc he says to go for it since it's my hobby.
  5. I gave up long time ago, he knows anyway. Now I just say hey I'm going to buy such and such bag when I get paid, or I seen this bag I want, he'll just say go ahead and get it, as long as we are not starving.
  6. No husband here, but parents instead.

    I usually don't hide my purchases from them, in fact often I show the new purse to them as soon as possible. If I have money that I know I'm technically supposed to save (like for gas), I'll keep the purse in the car until later or pretend to clean out my car and carry it in with the junk that's in my car (my car gets so messy, I'll usually have to clean it out every couple weeks). Then I just stick it in my closet and my parents never notice!
  7. I have my BIL buy them for me and pay him when it comes in...that way its addressed to him...then I wait for hubby to spring an expensive purchase on me LOL
    He's usually pretty understanding...he actually told me I should just try to buy everything on my want list and get it over with....little does he know that once that list is done I'll just start another. I'm just thankful he has a very expensive hobby!
  8. I hid purses and bank statements for the first six months of the year and got busted once when my hairdresser recognized a Gaucho and told her boyfriend who works with my DH what it cost. After that I had a long talk with him and told him that I wanted to be able to spend my "cha ching" money on whatever I chose and if I wanted to spend 3 months clothing allowance on a four figure bag that I would. His stipulation was that I don't charge anything- if I do that it has to be cash saved up. I agreed and then counter-stipulated that I no longer wanted him to ever ask me "how much did that cost". I never want to hear those 5 words again. We came to a good understanding and now I don't have to stash the bags anymore.
    Oh and BTW- the day I got busted with the Gaucho he asked "don't you think it was rather foolish to spend that kind of money on a purse? Why did you do it?" I paused for a long time and then answered, 'cause I wanted it.
  9. Well I don't hide anything from my boyfriend..actually...when I see a must have bag...I go talk to him and show him pictures of it. So when the time is there for me to spend some money on me...he goes allong with me to the store:yes: He always says It's all good if I'm happy!!
    But i'm feeling guilty because he only occasionally buy something for himself. I always have to say come on we're gonna buy some nice clothes, shoes or games ( he's a gamefreak) for you. But most of the time he makes sures that I can buy a bag or two each year!
    Isn't he the best boyfriend ever??:love::love:
  10. my new fiancee is great , but my old one is another story !

    I used to keep purchases in the trunk till nighttime , then sneak them in . Well , he caught onto that so I used to park right by the back door where there was a mudroom before you actually entered the house . In the mudrroom sat my dogs 40 lb bag of dog food . I would stash the more expensive items in there then enter the house . He would check the trunk and say , " you are being so good ! " .

    yeah , right .
  11. I don't hide mine. I pay for 99% of mine so he says nothing. He'll only say something if he has a good reason too (too expensive or doesn't look right on me).
  12. Mine actually buys me most of my Chanels as gifts and so he never complains. He is very good about handbags and jewelry and just wants to see me happy.
  13. I lOVED reading all those!!! I pay for my own...My husband's eyebrows would arch if I ever told hom how much my closet was worth but my purchases don't cost NEARLY as much as his....I don't know why but I still leave my stuff in the car most of the time until he leaves the next morning to go to work...Probably to justify the UPS pkgs that are delivered all the time to the house..I don't want to listen to it hell with only live once..and all my friends know of my 'addiction' and they laugh about could be worse...we all could be old sour winos that sit at a bar night after night and throw our money least we have something to show for it!!!
    :heart: Emmy
  14. My husband is usually understanding about my obsession with handbags, but occasionally he will just roll his eyes. Sometimes we even look at bags together. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm not a proponent of hiding things from my husband. I know not everyone's husband/ significant other/ parent are equally understanding, but I would feel bad for being so secretive.
  15. :yahoo: That's the best answer! I agree 100%!

    It used to be easy to hide bags from my boyfriend because he never knew what anything cost, but now we are making more money so he has started to buy me bags. Now he know's the prices of bags I want including Coach hamptons scarf print luggage, balenciaga box, anything from the Chanel luxury line and a chloe paddington so I am screwed!