Tipping Etiquette: In the beauty world

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  1. That's strange...what if the service was so bad that you wouldn't normally tip? Do you still have to tip whether they deserve it or not, since the tip is included? :confused1:
  2. Hehe well then that makes australia even stingier than the UK! :lol:
  3. Yes, the gratuity is included in your bill and you don't have an option to not leave the 20%. The spa is located in a 5 star hotel so its expected.
  4. Another tipping question I hope someone can help me with! Especially people in the NYC area. I will be getting my eyebrows done at Joey Healy. Just wondering if I have to tip since he is the owner?

  5. Some people will say yes, others no..

    If you are going & someone has an appointment before you,

    perhaps see if they tip & then you can guide yourself accordingly..

    Many NYC salon owners do not expect tips, but if you are a regular a nice

    holiday gift is always appreciated
  6. So it's that time again
    Holiday tipping question
    I really like my hair stylist but I only see her about 4 times per year for haircuts. If I was going to see her anytime close to Xmas, I'd give a gift or an extra tip. But I won't be seeing her again until February, I guess no need for holiday gift?
  7. Just my opinion here…

    I always tip when I go for personal services (hair cuts, threading, pedicures, etc.) regardless of whether they are the owner, lease from a "salon suites" location, or do neither. I tip extra for the holidays if I've been a long-time/regular customer.

    That said, if you have been a long-time customer of your hairdresser, and you would have normally given a holiday tip to them if your appointment was in, say, December, then YES, I would tip them by mailing them a card to their business location sometime this month, or stopping by to drop off the card/present/tip if that's convenient for you. Or, you could always give them their tip when you next see them. I have done all 3 of those in the past. I understand that in February, it might feel awkward to give a "holiday" tip/gift, but you can always say that you were thinking of them for the holidays, you didn't have a chance to get it to them sooner, you appreciate them, etc. I would be shocked if they were not grateful to get your holiday tip whenever you can swing it at your convenience, regardless of what the date on the calendar shows. In fact, they may appreciate your thoughtfulness even more since some people would just blow off giving the holiday tip at all after January 1, let alone into February. And you would not be one of them. :smile:
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  8. As a stylist, I can say that I am ALWAYS greatful for holiday extras!
    As a matter of fact, you Gratuity shows your level of satisfaction with my services, however, if you're a "frequent flyer" and a great tipper... you will most definitely be bumped to the top of the priority list if you need to get in suddenly, or if therequired is a scheduling conflict and need to move things around. I have very few who exercise their right not to leave Gratuity, and that's fine... but they can't expect me to come in early/late or to work through my lunches for them when they monetary gains just aren't there. If there is an opening in my book, the can have it, if you're a great tipper, I'll make one for you.
    Keep in mind. This is our job. We work for wages just like you do. However, if I'm going to take time away from my family, I need to know that it's well worth it. If you have never tipped, you probably won't now. Unfortunately, I'll pass. Try to see things from our perspective as well. You may see 20%-25% as high, but consider what we are working with, what we are doing, in the time allotted, trying to interpret your mind and create it on you. That's a tall order. Most of us don't necessarily charge what we should for our products either, considering they raise prices quarterly (at least here they do). If we did that to you, you all would have a fit! So we eat the cost as long as we can.
    I know my Gratuities are saved for my 18 month old. Not spent on my self, but put in an account for him. So all of the therapy we provide, all of the smiles we get to see when we turn that chair around can ultimately be the most rewarding career ever!
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  9. I always heard years ago that you didn't tip an owner. These days it seems everyone expects a tip. I'm going to a new stylist for the first time who owns the salon. I'm afraid if I just don't tip she'll be unhappy. I don't want an unhappy person using scissors on me. So I could tip her 15-20% or I guess I could ask her if she accepts tips.
  10. I hadn't heard before that you don't tip the owner, but then, I don't think I have ever had a salon owner cut my hair. I would probably tip her the standard 15 to 20 percent. Good luck with your appointment.
  11. thanks.....my stylist whom I was very happy with decided to be a stay at home mom....this new one was recommended by her so hopefully she will be comparable
  12. I was thinking that if the salon has someone that manages appointments or the front desk, you could also call and ask that person about the policy regarding tips, specifically with regard to the owner cutting your hair.
    I hope it works out for you with the new stylist.
  13. I always tip my hairstylist $25. When I used to do weddings, I sometimes got a tip, sometimes not. Same thing when I do make-up for events. For me tips are never expected, but it is a nice thank you.
  14. I always tip my hairdresser 15%.