Tipping Etiquette: In the beauty world

  1. I'm not sure if this topic has been covered before...(if so, forgive me)

    Whether it's at Salons, Nail spa, or SPA...there is always an awkward moment I face..on TIPPING/GRATUITY. Please help clear the gray areas for me...

    **When you go to the Salons do you tip one lump sum at the end of your services at the desk..or do you tip each and everyone that has touched your hair individually (washer, dryer, stylist..etc)?? (I tend to give a total at the end.. most likely ending all into just the stylist's pocket)

    **What about at the Day SPA's...do you tip your them personally...or at the counter/envelope drop off??? (Is there a "right" way?)--I informally do the envelope drop off--

    **Are you a strict 18%+ tipper for services?

    ---I've always tipped more than enough...and it's one of my flaws ..kuz I do it even when I'm not completely satisfied w/the service...:sad: ... I'm just afraid they will throw a raging fit while I leave if I don't...or maybe even unwelcomed when I go the next time... errr...
  2. I try to tip because I realize this is a major part of their income. Especially, if the service is for somethign which I know they don't get paid a lot for. (e.g. Manicures etc..).
  3. I usually tip 20% unless the service is really bad. This applies to haircuts, facials, and pedicures. Now that I have found someone I love for each of these 3 services, I just don't think twice of tipping since it's a way to build on the relationship. :yes:
  4. I always add tip, even if I wasn't completely satisfied. I've only had maybe 2-3 instances in the past where I wasn't in love with my new hairstyle.

    I usually tip 20%, even more if they did an exceptional job and really listened to what I wanted... if otherwise, I tip around 10-15%.
  5. i usually tip 20% and i have my regulars that i see, so service is usually great - otherwise i wouldn't go back.
  6. this is a good question. do you tip the shampoo person after theyre done too? i tip at the end 20%....but im not sure if youre suppose to tip the shampoo person like separately after u get off the chair?
  7. yes, i'd like to know what others think about tipping the shampoo person too. i always felt awkward because i was never quite sure whether i should tip individually or just tip one lump sum at the end.
  8. I tip the shampoo person about $3-4

    I tip 20-25% otherwise (haircut, manis, pedis, facials, etc)
  9. I tip $2-4 for shampoo (depending on level of TLC) and give it directly to the person. They seem to appreciate that. 20% other than that. I've had the same colorist for years so I always give her the tip in person. Stylist and manicurist are sometimes busy so I'll do the envelope thing. It's not a huge salon so I just walk around and give tips and thank people at the end.
  10. I tip the shampoo person directly. I take a couple dollars out of my purse before going to the shampoo station and give it to him/her after the shampoo.
  11. I have natural nails and I feel as if the $35 that I pay for a mani & pedi are really not enough for the amount of time and the level of service that I recieve, so I tip $10 there.

    At the hair salon, the same person cuts and colors, so I tip her 20%+ a couple of dollars more depending on if she is just doing a quick touch up or if she is making more time and labor intensive changes.

    I always tip the shampoo person separately, $2-3 if she just pulled out foils and washes, $5 if she does a couple of conditioners, etc. $8-10 if she puts on a toner.
  12. just want to give my two cents about tipping for Mani/Pedi, the beautian gets 60% of the price (50*60%=30) you paid, the salon get 40% here in TX, unless it's one of those family shops, then they might have a different way of dividing the money. 20% is what i usually tip, if they did horrible job like nail polish start to peel off when i pay at the register, bleeding curticle etc (it happens to me about 1 in 5 vist:sad: ), than a 10% to show there are room for improvement.

    ps. if you think beautian rely on tips, servers here in SA, TX get lousy $2.25/hr pay!:wtf:
  13. I own a salon and spa and when you have many services done it is customary to tip 20% total at the end. You can put it in the envelopes or on the cc slip just designate how much to whom. The shampoo person usually gets $5-$10 in my salon. But they do a very long scalp, neck and shoulder massage.
  14. I have a related tip question, so I hope this is not hijacking the thread. My "thrifty" mother always says if the person who is doing your hair is the owner of the salon, she doesn't have to pay booth rental, so she never tips. (Sort of like you wouldn't tip the owner of a really nice restaurant, but you would the waitstaff, even if the owner takes a moment to wait on you personally.) I've never been able to figure this out, and it has created some awkward moments for me.
  15. I love my hair stylist and he is the owner of the salon and I do tip him 20% but I did have a manicurist that I went to her home she had a separate room designated for it and I didn't tip her. I tipped him because of his exceptional service, the fact that he did a great job, and he has expenses to pay with that money, rent, supplies etc. Also he tries to squeeze me in when he doesnt have an appointment he is usualy booked three months in advance. The manicurist on the other hand has a lot less expenses and she did a great manicure but didnt exert any effort in giving me an appointment that ineeded or squeezing me in or anything so.. I think its definitely a mixture of things.