Tipping during the holidays?


Mar 31, 2013
I wasn't sure if this should go under shopping or beauty as it pertains to hairdressers, so I figured I'd take my shot here and hope for the best!

I've gone to my new hairdresser maybe twice this year, three times if my hair has decided to grow faster than its usual snails pace. I have taken advantage of her free fringe touch ups, once, which I tipped her for.

I'm currently growing my hair out and need another fringe touch up badly, and so I booked a free touch up appointment for right before Christmas. I know that the standard Christmas tip for a stylist is the cost of one hair cut...but I'm not sure if I should give her that much for the free bang trim?

Will she know its a gift because of the holiday season? Is it appropriate when I rarely make appointments with her? I do adore her, she's been awesome after I've had awful stylists for the past five years, and I plan on hanging on to her as long as I can. Any help would be appreciated.
Jul 30, 2006
I would give her a nice tip for the service and put something like "Happy Holidays" on it if you feel the need. If it's more generous than your typical tip she will assume it is for the holidays. I think it would be a nice gesture since you're growing out your hair and might not be in for services as much.